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2014, Honglei Sun paid 23 million yuan from the TV series "second hand", Zhao Wei paid 42 million 800 thousand yuan from the TV series "tiger mother cat dad"; in 2016, Xun Zhou, Wallace Huo starred in "Yi Zhuan" as paid were 53 million yuan and 50 million yuan; Sun Li in the recent hit "circle" in the month that bloom get paid 60 million yuan!

"that bloom on a perfect circle" still

intensified the star price paid from last year has become a hot topic, various regulatory authorities, industry associations There were many discussions., have repeatedly said, now, finally opened a clear prescription".

today (September 22nd), Chinese Radio Film and television social organization Federation television production committee, Chinese Radio Film and television actor Federation of social organization committee, China TV drama production industry association, the association of Chinese network audio-visual program service jointly issued "on the network TV drama production cost allocation ratio of opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions").

the "opinions" requirements, the total fee of all actors is not more than 40% of total cost of production, the main actor does not exceed the total fee of 70%, other actors not less than the total fee of 30%. If there is more than 40% of the circumstances, the need to record the relevant units and explain the situation.

star price paid times really have officially ended? Starring


in fact does not exceed the total fee, shortly before the State Press and publication administration, development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of human resources and social security and other five ministries jointly issued the "on the TV series the prosperity and development of a number of policy support notice" has asked:

to establish and perfect the scientific and reasonable TV drama investment and distribution mechanism. Fully respect and encourage originality, and embody the value of creativity and knowledge in input and distribution. Industry organizations issued guidance on the teleplay cost allocation ratio, making enterprise reasonable arrangements for the TV guide cost structure, optimize the salary allocation mechanism. Regulate the purchase and publicity activities, maintain the healthy development of the industry, strictly prohibit the broadcasting institutions to star as the only bargaining standard. Variety shows and network plays are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the TV series.

", and "opinions" issued by 4 industry organizations today are the implementation and refinement of the above notice. In addition to

compensation proportion of specific provisions, the "opinions" also proposed to each member of the unit, film production institutions and numerous TV network drama practitioners to DeYiShuangXin as occupation ideal and goal pursuit, consciously resist the unreasonable high fee and other adverse wind gas industry.

high paycheck is indeed the film industry is currently the pain point, enhance the production quality of the entire industry caused great obstacles, the LED Industry Association jointly launched the "opinions", is a good thing for the whole industry, but also conducive to the future development of the film market better.

"opinion" a, the industry has expressed support.

"we should support the actors high paycheck, to improve the creative environment, improve the competitiveness of creative is very helpful! "

, deputy general manager of CI media Zhao Bin, told the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) in a firm interview.

"300 million TV series, the star took 200 million paycheck

last August, the CCTV news channel in the" actor price paid "special reports, criticized the TV series such as" Yi Zhuan "starring Wallace Huo and Xun Zhou took the astronomical salaries, also criticized the" Youth ", 2" - "movies such as astronomical actors cannot save itself is not high quality TV drama, caused tremendous repercussions. The reason is that while public opinion boiling, star paycheck high indeed staggering.

announced in April this year, the "2017 Chinese celebrity earnings list" shows that the sum of income China 2016 star entertainment, culture, sports industry's top 10 revenue of nearly 1 billion 700 million yuan, 10 of the income of the top star, in addition to the main industry for the singer Jay Chou, the other 9 are the main actors.

" and what is more important is the rapid growth of star paycheck in a relatively short period of time, ten years, star paycheck in a domestic film and television drama production in the total cost of the proportion, by 10%, 20%, up to now 50%, 70%.

at the beginning of this year, insiders said publicly that "in 2016, a second tier actor's paycheck grew by nearly 250%, a cost of 300 million yuan of the TV series star, took 200 million yuan fee. "The people's daily,

's WeChat public" Knight island "reports that a senior broker said," the current producers tend to actors fee budget increased to 2/3". Even some of the actors will compete with each other in advance when signing fee, ask the people to find the partner reward from the film side there, then hike.

pay price decline in the quality of TV drama led

at present, the negative impact brought by the high price paid star has appeared. In order to ensure the

star paycheck, film and television works to compress the script input, compression shooting cycle … … in the rising star took the hot money looting, shooting very high price paid

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