China's richest woman spent 20 billion to buy a break: rich family property, divorce are domineering

Wu Yajun Yi Shu quit my first half

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a few days ago, a "woman's richest man 20 billion buy peace break up" video brush screen. 2012 China richest woman Wu Yajun, and her ex husband divorced, was away with $20 billion in

! We give 20 billion after her value has shrunk by nearly half. Wu Yajun ranked fourth in the Hurun rich woman list in 2016. We also give

divorce breakup fee man woman, does not see more.

but not noisy not to tear down face, bargaining, no The atmosphere was foul. news. 20 billion get a real sense of peace divorce, not love not the spot, Wu Yajun dry too beautiful.

Wu Yajun today, the real estate sector is also a strong woman, sitting on tens of billions of assets, but she's the richest position, can not fall from the sky.

she was born in the county, the family conditions are not what rich two generations. Father is a staff member of supply and marketing cooperative, and mother is tailor. But she had to go to school, you have to study hard, excellent grades, often skipping, is a good student of the legendary.

later after graduating from college, she first became an engineer for assignment. In those days, it was a pretty good job, but Wu Yajun still realized that it was not for himself. He resolutely resigned to reporters.

proved that the choice was far sighted.

when the reporter Wu Yajun, contact most of the property related industries, and then resigned to the sea business, with little money at hand to set up a small company, began the first step in entrepreneurship.

just before that, her husband, Cai Kui, also started his own business.

someone might say, since the husband already has the company, why don't you follow him? It's a more unquestionable option to support your husband in starting a business together.

, but Wu Yajun never thought otherwise.

love to love, career to the business, the two best not to mix together. My ideal can only be achieved by my own hands.

", many years later, Wu Yajun succeeded.

because she was so successful, her husband Cai Kui's company merged with her, and the couple held shares in the final form of Longhu property, though he had never held a position in the company.

she's not the kind of person who doesn't want to share the joy of success with her partner.

for a long time, employees in the eyes of Wu Yajun, love is the cause of double pride, until the final divorce, and few people know what the direct cause is.

, but that's not hard to imagine. When the pace of two people more and more inconsistent, it seems to be walking side by side to see the scenery, have become difficult.

you see, even the business, Wu Yajun is standing in the middle of the laughing, Cai Kui standing on the right position. Have you quote

drama "the most perfect divorce":

women love each other as long as they all can forgive, but the man on the contrary, the love will gradually finding a woman's shortcomings. Women love to understand, and men become more and more interested in it.

Wu Yajun and Cai Kui, what the reasons for divorce is not speculation "only suffering can not be willing", has not known. The reasons for love may also be worth publicity everywhere, the reason for breaking up, or rotten in the heart of the best.

, a little while ago, "my first half of life," the fire, Yi Shu's "make a woman, must have a nice gesture" theory has been dug out.

played by Ma Yili Luo Zijun, at that stage was Chen Junsheng husband derailed, motionless SAPO play to depend on, and no relation to "good attitude" four words.

so a lot of the original powder said, such Luo Zijun, simply can not be called "Yi Shu girl."".

but the fact is, in life, hysterical than good attitude Luo sub-Mr. Luo Zijun much.

when you put your whole life on someone else, it's not impossible to get warm and graceful, but it's hard.

posture looks good, but also need to correspond to the capital. Only when women become strong in life can they be better off in love. If there is no substantial estate strength backer, who can pay 20 billion men Xiaoxiao pay money to buy freedom? "

"content_img_p" a lot of women cannot do without a man, nothing more than two kinds of situations: one is the spirit of not

independent, think I left him on nothing, not live;

two is not economically independent, has been the pet raising, left unable to face his own life to make money to eat. But

can already take charge as chief of women like Wu Yajun, these two problems are not.

so when they are in love, they go forward, only love this matter; do not love, nor will they end up in the awkward situation, and withdraw from the very chic.

love should never be all in their lives.

does not live for others. Nor does he abandon himself for anyone.

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