Can't get hold of it? Friends Zhu Ching "behind the Joker" micro-blog delete

Joker micro-blog Zhu Zhen Gao Lei

beiqingwangyule· 2017-09-23 16:01:24

9" on Sept. 23, friends broke the news on micro-blog has expressed support for Joker good brother Zhu Zhen had "behind the Joker" micro-blog delete.

9 month 21 days, according to Li Yutong released in micro-blog's speech, Joker first appeared in micro-blog's response to clarify. Later, as Joker friends, Zhu Zhen immediately forwarded his micro-blog and posting said: "on Mars you give me the letter, I told you the same, open the window and shout, I will accompany you at any time. "In order to support Joker.

however, since Joker clarification, Joker and Li Yutong events did not end. The Joker escalates between Li Yutong and wife Gao Leixin, Joker emotional entanglements, but came to Joker let Li Yutong pregnancy and abortion news. In September 23rd, someone broke the frame Zhu deleted some remarks on the micro-blog Joker support, so that all the users can not help but suspect that is not two as good brothers "A great calamity is at hand. fly".

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