Drops of the earliest investors: 5 years ago voted 700 thousand, and now returns far more than 7 billion

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dianshangxingye· 2017-09-24 02:42:48

since the acquisition of Uber China, drops of all kinds of headlines reported overwhelming! Perhaps more news is about how the founder of Cheng Wei, the founder of the company, is so bad But few people know that the first drop, Wang Gang, 4 years ago dropped 700 thousand, and now returns far more than 7 billion! I wonder if everyone will be like editor in chief, lamenting the magic of equity investment! 700 thousand, can buy a toilet in Beijing, also can throw such a big company drops! Today, Xiao Bian with you to talk about equity investment those things!

70 million, to buy a toilet in Beijing

also can throw drops of this great company

drops again financing $5 billion 500 million! 5 billion 500 million dollars! What's the concept of $5 billion 500 million?

but behind the successes, there was a key man who forgot.

everybody praises the leadership of Cheng Wei, Ma Huateng's pattern and Liu Qing's connections... But perhaps without this person, China will be less such a big drop of the company, or now travel in the field of the boss certainly not drops.

well, maybe it's exaggerated. According to Cheng Wei's argument is: many times, a little careless, drops may die. Translation is: we are in the fight for five years, every time a careful and courageous defeat of the opponent, let the drops finally survived, and become China's absolute leader in the field of travel.

so who cares for the first little dreams?

Wang Gang, the early investor of drops. 5 years ago, when there was only one concept, he gave Cheng 700 thousand, starting with that 700 thousand, and he accompanied Cheng Wei through every difficult day. And 5 years ago, 700 thousand, now returns far more than 7 billion.

70 million returns 7 billion, when the valuation drops 50 billion dollars. The $5 billion 500 million drop in financing would cost as much as $55 billion, so Wang Gang's return would be well over 7 billion (10000 times).

's failure rate has been as high as 90%, so what about investment?

heaven is not pay diligence, this sentence in the investment circle is quite appropriate. Many investors have never been able to invest in such a company, and Wang Gang as angel investors, investment in the first project on the pressure drop and Cheng wei.

you can't say there's no luck, but you should say it's sheer luck. Today, the investment bank officer is talking to you about Wang Gang, how he throws bits and pieces. What kind of investment wisdom does he have?.

, Wang Gang: I met is led his luck, I can meet him, it is my blessing.

Wang Gang and Cheng Wei worked together for many years at the Alibaba B2B, Alipay business division period. In 2012, they left Ali, ready to start a business.

at first they were naive and wanted to be a group company together. Because the operation is too difficult, financing is not smooth, Wang Gang changed his mind, decided to support each of the brothers he once had to do CEO, one of which is Cheng wei.

drops is his angel investment in the first project, the idea of doing a taxi software is he and Cheng Wei collided and decided. There are three reasons:

in the China taxi difficult, this is the mainstream of the rigid demand;

abroad have a similar pattern, British taxi application Hailo just got the financing, appears feasible, but can not completely copy;

the arrival of the mobile Internet, mobile phone positioning attribute distance becomes more and more important.

finally decided to start business, Wang Gang gave Cheng dimension 700 thousand, Cheng Wei himself out of 100 thousand. Cheng Wei returned to Beijing from Hangzhou and started his business in May 2012. They do not have entrepreneurial experience, just to make a demo and barely on-line products, go to financing together, to melt $5 million.

at that time they searched the mainstream VC, but they didn't work out. (just luck out of you), after

, although Cheng Wei racking his brains to compress costs, or soon spent all the money. At that time, Cheng Wei made a phone call to Wang Gang and asked for financial help. Wang Gang responded firmly: "this is the first project we hatched. It is better to leave behind other companies and carry on.". Later, Wang Gang went out hundreds of thousands.

a few months later, Jinsha River venture partner Zhu Xiaohu to come through WeChat to find almost hit it off, promised them all, it drops to complete the A round of financing. (say only luck you out before, see Zhu Xiao Hu Cheng Wei has found more than 20 investors, no one is willing to give money, and Zhu Xiaohu talked for half an hour to vote, Chengwei thought met cheats)

two, for evrything drops pattern of everything, we have to do. 100 billion dollars.

what kind of pattern and ambition, you have what kind of talent to follow you, the runway can be unlimited expansion. He said: the time to put a little longer, or the pattern of CEO and the leadership decided to cause you to fall much, because the industry brought about by the model moat can give you 5 - 10 years, if you do not have the leadership, one day will be broken or moat.

drops of the pattern is to pour 100 billion dollars, drops for, evrything. About drops of vision, Wang Gang said: "

, I'll tell you the truth. We had it."

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