Self willed! The six floor resident repaired the elevator only to his home

Tongliang District Chongqing Chengdu

· 2017-09-24 07:22:27

Chongqing radio and television - first eyes news, in Tongliang District, there is a resident, for the convenience of upstairs and downstairs, repair an elevator, only to his home.

, reporters came to Tongliang District Law Building East Road, in the law building area saw the "most cattle elevator."". The elevator is built on the exterior wall of the building, the steel frame structure, and the glass curtain wall. The elevator stops only on the six floor and serves only one resident.

, reporters came to the six floor, waiting at the gate for more than half an hour, did not see the owners of the family. Led by residents in the District, the reporter found the elevator owner's father-in-law, xiong. Xiong said, this building is also built, a total of seven buildings, there is no elevator. The six floor and the seven floor are a set of thermocline, and their son-in-law and daughter live in it. The elevator began construction last year and has been completed for several months. Talking about the purpose of elevator repair, Xiong said, mainly the son-in-law, climbing stairs too tired.

" reporter came to the Tongliang District Planning Bureau to understand the situation. Tongliang District Planning Bureau supervision section responsible person, in 80s and 90s of last century, many residential buildings are not planning the construction of elevators, residents upstairs and downstairs by climbing the stairs. According to June this year, the Chongqing municipal government on the old residential additional construction management Interim Measures, the old district as long as the completion of the declaration materials, complete the corresponding approval procedures, it is possible to build the elevator. However, the construction of the elevator area occupied by the public space, and from the construction to the construction of Chengdu, without any department approval, is illegal construction.

Tongliang District Planning Bureau supervision department responsible person said, the next step they will come to the scene to understand the situation, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the deal.

Author: Zhou Zhenyu, Wu Yang,

(original title: self willed)! The six floor resident repaired the elevator only to his home; … …)