The couple donated to the medal of World War II by the Russian special forces survivors

France survivor special forces medal

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5 on April 9, the Russian Defense Ministry, France married women will get older, two pieces of Second World War Medal presented to Palmyra in Syria at the expense of the Russian special forces Lieutenant Alexander & middot; F Rojo Rienk parents. Alexander & middot; F Rojo Rienk in the fighting in Syria, was surrounded by terrorists, he is calling for artillery firing into their areas, and terrorists to perish together. On April 11, the Russian Defense Ministry issued orders, posthumously awarded the Alexander & middot; lieutenant F Rojo Rienk heroes of Russia title.

"content_img_p" is a legion of Honor Medal, is the old couple's family in World War II combat.

defense ministry Deputy Minister Nicholas & middot; pankov presided over the Medal Presentation Ceremony, and on behalf of the Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu thanks to two French couple noble, friendly, touching the Allies spirit. Class= img_box "

French legion of Honor Medal is the highest honor established by Napoleon of france. At the beginning of

4, Russia's ambassador to France embassy received a parcel, which is equipped with two old leather box and a letter of French family to write the letter, is this old couple to send.

French family this precious medal presented to the parents of a sacrifice of a Russian army officer is the human values of a vivid manifestation of the friendly relations between Russia's law states. Class= img_box "

the Russian government has announced that it will be a street to Alexander · F Rojo Rienk lieutenant named.

Russian Defense Ministry to the two French husband and wife donated monuments, recognition of their noble and selfless behavior.

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