Russia's economic downturn why spend huge sums of money to engage in military parade

Economy downturn huge sums of money Navy

mierjunshi· 2016-05-11 23:21:17

most of the European countries celebrate the "Day V-E" (the European battlefield victory day) is in May 8th, and the Soviet Union, Russia's victory day is in May 9th.

why is the date of each national victory day different?

behind this also some political means. Early on the morning of May 7, 1945, after Hitler became leader of Nazi Germany's Grand Admiral Doenitz sent three representatives of the in Reims, France and the Soviet Union and the United States in the commander in chief representative signed the unconditional surrender agreement, provides that the two sides from London daylight saving time May 8 0 01 stop military action, the unconditional surrender of Germany. But first Byelorussian front (the last combat phase of the Soviet main commander Marshal Zhukov believes that, in the lance of Soviet negotiators Susloparov major general and not get full authorization to Moscow, he signed the agreement does not have the force of law; lance protocol nor provisions of the remnants of the German forces to the allies to surrender their weapons and procedures of prisoners of war and how to handle. Mainly in order to highlight the importance of the Soviet Union, Zhukov wanted a more solemn, is on a larger scale the surrender ceremony was held in Berlin, under Soviet control. < so on May 8th day, representative of the German armed forces flew to Berlin, to participate in by the Soviet sponsored the second sign down ceremony. Around whether to add a U.S. representative (Berlin without ceremony, the top U. s.military commander present), the representative of France should separate signature program, the ceremony a series of delays, finally the new agreement is reached when is local time in Berlin on 9 May 1. At this point from the two sides officially stop military action has been over the past 25 hours.

Victory Day parade in spirit and reality significance of < p > although the Putin's geography and diplomatic strategy is regarded by many observers that the succession of the characteristics of the Soviet era, but it needs to be emphasized is that he and Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and earlier Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic, the positioning of their own first is a single nation state leaders. < p > Vladimir Putin in this year earlier had to Lenin's criticism, criticism of is Soviet multi-ethnic community structure and of the "world revolution" desire. This criticism most clearly show that even if Mr Putin has always been committed to evoke nostalgia to great power status, he hopes to revive also has not been a multi-ethnic coexist, with futuristic "of the red empire. < p > Vladimir Putin in South Ossetia, Crimea and eastern Ukraine in pursuit of political goals, and from 1992 to 1996 Milosevic in Bosnia in the pursuit of the goal, there is no substantive difference between -- not to restore multi-ethnic red Empire, but from the reality of the nation-state standpoint, for the borders are inhabited by ethnic Russians, vast larger territory "return" to existing within the territory, to improve the strategic situation. This is a strategy that aims to be more limited and more realistic. < based on single national interests of political propaganda and mobilization system, memory and memory of the Great Patriotic War and not to cherish the memory of the Soviet Union or glorifying Stalin, but to arouse the masses of the people on the "work together to tide over the difficulties" collective memory. During the war, the Soviet authorities change once the 1930s "purges" period to suppress the practice of Orthodox Church and civil society, the use of religious and voluntary association form to boost morale, strived for the support of the people.

in today's Russia, the church and the semi official background of youth associations is precisely the government's important tool for the implementation of public opinion mobilization. When national replaced the red ideology, become the government can rely on the only spiritual support, follow the example of the former tsar, instilling ideas such as "holy Russia land", "strong and brave the Russian people" became the Putin regime to disseminate the main means. < p > and war just is most closely associated with the concept, involved, the number of Russians also most events -- in that tragic in the Great Patriotic War, Soviet soldiers and civilians killed, wounded and missing more than 45 million people, almost every family have sacrificed and victims, the collective memory has been extended to the 21st century. < p > therefore remind people to remember the Great Patriotic War and tragic glory, it becomes the government cohesion centripetal force, and closer to the ordinary people relationship between effective discourse path. This can explain why Russia and Belarus, the two most important countries of the original color of the former Soviet Union, in 90s is also the earliest resumption of Victory Day parade. And under the background of European and American economic sanctions, review the difficult and glory of the Great Patriotic War, also constitute a hint: I hope people continue to support the regime, for through the temporary difficulties.

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