Can iPhone 8 wirelessly charge with a fire cell phone?

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science and technology Tencent [editor's note] wireless charging technology called for today's science and technology consumers actually is not a new thing, but so far, few users really use this technique. Prior to this, only part of Samsung, Galaxy, S8 and other flagship smartphones have this function. However, after Apple released iPhone 8, iPhone 8, Plus, and iPhone X, the dilemma facing wireless charging technology may be changed by Apple's huge appeal. Can

into the mainstream

Apple released three iPhone in this year's autumn conference in one fell swoop, they are iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, and the three models support Qi wireless charging standard. At the same time, Apple also said that its wireless charging base AirPower will be listed next year.

in Apple's new AirPower promotional materials, we see Apple Watch, AirPods iPhone and the new storage box can also put AirPower on the charge, but does not support other brands of equipment. Obviously, the company's plan is to move aggressively into wireless charging with the help of AirPower. The date and price of the AirPower is unclear, but sources say it is likely to be available in the first quarter of next year.

" there are many analysts believe that in this new conference apple after years of struggle, wireless charging finally from the daughter-in-law Aocheng woman.

in fact, the demand for wireless charging (or power wireless transmission) dates back to the late nineteenth Century. Wired transmission and distribution systems were not established at that time, so early scientists wanted to wirelessly transmit electrical energy from generation to place, but these attempts had largely failed. Until recent years, wireless charging has attracted people's attention because of the smart phones. In

2009, Palm Pre became the world's first smartphone using wireless charging technology, even at the time known as the "iPhone killer."". But in the end, this model is mercilessly eliminated by the market. Since then, in 2012, NOKIA also conducted a wireless charging attempt, released a wireless charging function to support Lumia 810, however, wireless charging has not reversed NOKIA's decline in the smartphone industry. After that, Samsung and Samsung began using wireless charging technology from the Galaxy S6, but it hasn't caused much turbulence over the years.

, however, as an indicator of the development of the smart phone industry, apple, once launched an update, the industry enterprises will often follow up at the first time. Earlier, apple tyrant gold version of iPhone, tablet computer strategy, and even industrial design style updates, without exception, ushered in many imitators. Therefore, we believe that wireless charging technology will also attract other manufacturers to emulate, and ultimately conducive to universal popularity of the technology.

" is still short board

wireless charging plate current charging efficiency is generally not high, and according to the design of mobile phone users in the charging plate position, the charging efficiency may be between 30% to 80%. That is to say, even in the ideal state, 20% of the electricity will be wasted.

for each device, charging efficiency may not be a big problem. But apple to sell 10 iPhone per second speed is calculated, which means that the wireless charging technology will soon spread to the next few years, the number of millions will be compatible with the equipment, and the charging efficiency brought by the waste of energy will be very great. Another big disadvantage of

wireless charging is that it is difficult for users to use mobile phones when charging wirelessly. With wired charging, the user can move with his mobile phone while charging (although limited by the length of the cable). But when using wireless charging technology, the mobile phone must be placed on the charging board. If the user just plays music when the phone is charged, there is nothing wrong with it, but it's very painful for the cell phone to complete other tasks. Since you can't pick up your cell phone and type text, it's hard to flash a text message.

for Apple's new release of iPhone wireless charging slow problem, foreign media recently reported that Apple will follow through software upgrades to improve the speed of wireless charging. Apple's three new iPhone introduced this year are wireless charging alliance Qi standard wireless charging technology, the highest support of this standard 15 Watt fast charge. At present,

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the maximum iPhone X wireless charging power is 7.5 watts, so Apple plans to increase the charging rate of these new firmware update in mobile phone later this year, but is still not clear whether it can realize the Qi 1.2.x standard 15 Watt fast charging effect.

wireless charging future

current reality is that even wireless charging, users still need to put the device on the charging board, which is not ideal wireless charging solutions. Because you can't use the device when charging, in addition, the user either needs to prepare a charging board for each device, or you need a large charging board to charge all the devices simultaneously.

so some other companies choose to be there"

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