In addition to the first domestic carrier ship also launched the attack?

Domestic carrier China carrier based aircraft amphibious assault ship

lirenjunshi· 2016-05-11 23:21:52

< p > the Chinese Navy large tonnage ships, first, of course, is the first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship, the second is type 071 landing ship, dock and displacement of nearly 60000 tons of domestic carrier project progress very fast, this year is expected to enter the water. Recently came the good news, another Chinese ship 40000 ton Jujian is about to start, this is the displacement of 40000 ton 075 amphibious assault ship.

"content_img_p" unconsciously, 071 type landing ship already has four service.

diagram is designed for users of domestic type 075 amphibious assault ship (thanks to: West Kasai shipbuilding) < world major naval powers of why in the vigorous development of the dwelling assault ship? This is because the amphibious assault ship as a carrier naval attack weapons after, mainly is strong in the sea and air it is "three ways" sweep the deck, amphibious assault ship can carry armed helicopters and vertical short takeoff and landing aircraft, which war on the sea very useful. Amphibious assault ship body mass less than the aircraft carrier, the use of more flexible, the cost is significantly less than the aircraft carrier, it can be said to be the most frequent use of aircraft carrier. < the U.S. as the world's largest Navy and the use of amphibious assault ship frequency is very high, than the aircraft carrier is much higher, at present the United States Navy has developed the fifth generation, now has 11 amphibious assault ship, although the amphibious combat ship is equipped with aircraft battle force and carrier borne machine compared gap is large, but in the face of low intensity conflict completely enough to deal with. So, for China, the role of amphibious assault ship is more important and applicable.

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