Thousands of companies rush to sell, the property market?

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zhouzhike· 2017-09-24 10:53:33

embarrassed the golden nine silver ten. Just entered in September, the property market on the succession came a big news!


China has more than 1100 listed companies selling houses in the first half of the year!

Wind data show that 1494 listed companies in the semi annual report disclosed the investment property data, of which 1163 of the holdings of investment real estate than a quarterly decrease. Reduce 100 million yuan more than 13 companies, more than 1 billion yuan of 3 companies.

in other words, 77.8% of the companies listed in the investment property situation are selling houses!

the red beans shares semi annual disclosure of information, can be seen, the listed company emptied during the same period last year to 955 million of the value of the "investment property", is "to sell a subsidiary equity".

" the ZOOMLION report, the first half of the company to dispose of the value of about 60000000 yuan of "investment property", completely emptied of such assets.

in addition to these two companies, Tiantan biological, great wisdom, Ryan holding, Shandong pharmaceutical glass, western mining, Chenming paper, these companies invest in real estate, was also cleared.

this is a bolt from the blue for the property market!

so the question is, why did the listed company suddenly sell the house on a large scale? There are two main reasons:

1, with the introduction of real estate control policies, a considerable number of listed companies believe that the value of real estate investment is declining, not optimistic about the future appreciation of such assets.

2, there is a need to maintain the market value of listed companies, sold or transferred to low efficiency of assets can be important financial indicators to improve the rate of return on net assets, but also allows the company to light the assets, in line with the current market. It's good for Future Ltd stocks to rise, or refinance.

more than 1100 listed companies to sell the house, which not only bring huge selling to the property market, has delivered bearish signals to the market. At least one point: the market's views on the property market have been divided.


9 1, the Shenzhen municipal planning and Land Committee issued the "Shenzhen Municipal People's Government on the improvement of land supply management opinions.". There is a opinion since 1988 by the Shenzhen municipal government to cancel the essence, have 30 years of policy again! This policy is land allocation system!

" suggests that the so-called transfer plan funded, not through market auction process, exempt from land transfer a land use right transfer payment type. Compared to the

and transfer mode in general, the main difference is:

1, no land leasing, only half of the compensation and resettlement costs;

2, right of use is limited, can not be leased, transferred or mortgaged! From the announcement of the

content, the allocation can only be used for four purposes, namely the public management and service facilities, transportation facilities, not only for the sale of affordable housing, talent and innovative industrial space and energy and water set.

then why Shenzhen intends to make this system again?

video rental, video rental, the current property market emphasis on housing rental, Shenzhen property market regulation must be a response to the current lease policy.

in Shanghai compared to the more direct and happy, transfers, completely eliminating the need for process and the "form" of land leasing, it can be said that in the rental market in support of more thorough, also let the rental cost lower end.

and I do not know if you noticed, the Shenzhen municipal government, in the allocation of the main level, is not limited to investment by the government, according to the requirements of investment management selection operator;

this means that this system is flexible. That is to say, the state-owned enterprises and private enterprises are eligible to participate in, and the existence of competition mechanism, whose scheme is more appropriate, more economical, more in line with the policy, who can win, so it makes the rental costs will be lower.

, and this approach is also expected to let the rental market appear the real lowest price! Its driving effect can also stabilize the trend of the overall rent!


in the nowadays market regulation, is not difficult to find that there are two key path:

one is in the country to build a unified rental platform, guide the video simultaneously, to solve the housing problems of low-income groups.

, second, is to tighten monetary policy. It is on the road and will be further tightened in the future. The

policy continues to emerge, but it is embarrassing that at this stage no one believes that house prices will fall, nor does anyone believe that the government will truly control real estate. About

control, so that the online

regulation is to curb housing prices rose too fast, never said that house prices rose fell, not is the most intuitive statement, you don't have to worry about when the disk access man.

regulation can really curb the growth of prices for a short time, but once the opening of the purchase, the lifting of regulation, long-term pent up demand will immediately erupt, prices will usher in retaliatory rebound. Artificially distort the relationship between supply and demand, is tantamount to doing.

these views are not unreasonable. But also need to see: common property, housing, rental housing

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