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transport - 20 transport is China's independent research and development of a new generation of jet heavy military transport aircraft, by the China Aviation Industry Corporation first aircraft design and Research Institute, Xi'an Aircraft Industrial group manufacturing is given priority to, and on 26 January 2013 fly successfully.

- 20 and the Chinese air force active duty Il-76 comparison, engines and Avionics have greatly improved, load is improved, the short runway landing performance are excellent.

the machine adopts conventional layout, cantilever monoplane, swept leading edge, no winglets, maximum takeoff weight of 220 tons, load more than 66 tons, the maximum speed & Ge; 800 kilometers and a range of >7800 kilometers, practical ceiling 13000 meters. With high extensibility, high reliability and safety.

shipped 20 as a large multi-purpose aircraft, under the complex weather conditions, the implementation of a variety of materials and personnel of long distance air transport task. No. 26 in the afternoon

Ji Yun - 20 of the first flying less than 90 days, the machine in 2013 April 20, 15 am in a test base of the West for the second flight. The second successful test flight of -20 indicates that the key technologies are more mature. On the eve of the

2014, 20 the three prototypes with grey livery, number 783 ", after the completion of the flight landed safely. It means that the machine has been put into the scientific research test flight, which speeds up the development speed of 20. Class= img_box "

-20 has achieved the maximum takeoff weight and maximum flying height. -20 cockpit design also uses the motion capture technology to simulate the actual operation of the cockpit layout to give full play to the effectiveness of.

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