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huanqiuwang· 2017-09-24 16:17:18

hurricane is coming, American army is running! The powerful motherland will never allow anyone to leave behind!

military emergency evacuation

Beijing time on September 19th, hurricane Maria in Latin America Dominic Island landing, the landing has been upgraded to a category 5 hurricane, winds of 260 kilometers per hour, not only caused great damage to the local, even U.S. from the Caribbean emergency evacuation.

, on the contrary, the China railway construction overseas rescue team is the wind, to carry out comprehensive rescue operations of local Chinese institutions and personnel. Before the disaster, the motherland will not leave any compatriots.

site evacuation under the unified arrangements of the Ministry of foreign affairs, China railway construction belongs to the Midland group led the local Chinese civil emergency rescue mission. at present, from Chinese railway, Hunan construction engineering, Qingdao construction engineering and other units of the staff as well as overseas Chinese (including a total of 158 people, 8 people, China railway) in Beijing this morning when the 8 arrived in Antigua and Barbuda (hereinafter referred to as Antigua), responsible for the closure of the rear China railway construction plan second group of 225 employees evacuated.

" hurricane photos

Premier Dominic said his roof was blown away in the social media, the house was flooded. According to BBC, he said, "Dominic has been extensively destroyed and we have lost everything we can buy with money."".

received a hurricane warning, China railway attaches great importance to immediately start emergency plans, the establishment of the emergency response team, the first time with the Chinese Embassy in Dominic, to report on staff and emergency measures; at the same time using a variety of communication means, and other links in many Chinese enterprises, timely exchange of disaster information.

has Chinese railway construction projects in 2 in Dominic, respectively. Baer Chopin Turkey group view housing project and the fourteen Bureau of China Railway Group signing Dominic York Gorge Bridge Reconstruction Project, a total of 233 employees.

local time on the afternoon of September 20th, due to the interruption of communication, Chinese railway 4 employees after 6 hours trek Dominic arrived at the embassy informed the Chinese railway construction in all the key information more employee safety, and brought back to the Embassy's instructions: the Dominic evacuation of Chinese Chinese responsible for the specific work by the lead in the implementation of railway construction!

in the handling of relief supplies after receiving instructions, China Railway Act immediately. Due to paralysis of the local airport system, not air rescue, China iron built in the evening of September 21st, an emergency from Anbar to rent a boat can take 270 commercial ferry, and procurement of emergency rescue supplies of water, instant noodles, bread, candles and a lighter, rushed to the Dominic sea.

"for the evacuation of Chinese citizens from other first! "Lead the rescue work Chinese railway construction with a high degree of responsibility, clear at the scene, please fellow priority boarding, Chinese railway staff evacuated second batches.

" at present, the first batch of a total of 158 evacuees arrived safely in Anbar, including much of the embassy staff of 4 other Chinese funded enterprises, 105 employees, 41 Chinese and overseas Chinese, China railway has only 8 employees. Another 225 China railway staff arrived safely in the vicinity of the port, in a stadium dressing, wait for the second batch of evacuation.

" for the evacuation of personnel arrangement camp

it is understood that in the affected Chinese compatriots evacuated to Antigua, unified arrangement of the Ministry of foreign affairs will return. At present, Chinese railway construction is the implementation of the programme of emergency contact.

warm reminder: Dominic local time 12 hours later than Beijing, located in front of comrades in the message area for peace, small series will be released in time, the motherland and everyone worried about you all the time, everything is ok!

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