Adobe employee disabled: security key posted on the official website

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taipingyangdiannaowang· 2017-09-24 18:52:50

patches most diligently each year, except for the Windows operating system, and the other will count Adobe.

" Flash Player is declared retired in 2020, the Adobe security team staff seems to be able to relax.

however, a terrible mistake once again let Adobe become a target for all. Emergency team product safety

Adobe" was in the official blog published on the PGP key, PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), is the gate of Snowden after the incident, Adobe for an encryption protocol.

it is usually used for Pop News, Adobe official mail, is now the stately exposed on the Internet, other industry is extremely panic. Although

is only metadata, for experienced hackers, it will be disguised as an attack agency, personal official mail or even message notification, resulting in large-scale destruction.

first discovered the researchers said the blog has been deleted, but users found that Google's Web snapshot can still see a complete copy.

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