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, today, this is about a taxi driver who almost made me kneel. The driver's thinking is powerful, simply with Tesla &SpaceX founder Mask, Amazon founder Bezos par.


let me almost kneel down taxi driver

last week on a business trip, called a taxi to Hongqiao. When

got on the bus, the driver chatted with me and said, "I never do anything. I seldom do it. It's fate for us to meet each other.".

I guess he should be a VIP airport business, asked: "there is a bit, still want to call your visitor to the airport? "

," he said, laughing. "My business is so good that I can't make it. I went to the 6 airport one day yesterday.". Last month, I went to Zhoushan 3 times. "

, it aroused my curiosity, so I asked him," is there any brilliant idea? "

, he didn't answer. He just asked me," what do you think my car is different from other people? "

, I looked around." Oh, it's clean, but it's nothing special. ".

he: "you see again!". "

me:" put on sunscreen and curtains, but some taxis do, too.

he: "look what's in front of your seat?" "

and then I saw a computer bag and asked him," I saw it when I got on the bus. Is this for passengers to put in magazines?

he: "are you using a computer?" You open the zipper. I'm not a simple computer bag. It's a simple computer desk. You don't have to put your computer on your leg. Just put it in it. It's stable and comfortable. Visitors to and from the airport are all business guests. This is especially popular. "

(this is my computer on the desk in the zip car:

"I began to think, well, this driver has little meaning.

he then asked, "do you think I have a special smell in my car?" "

, I feel a little bit fragrant when I get on the bus, but it's not that kind of car that smells like an aroma. It's natural.

he said, "look up.". "

, I'm surprised to find a bunch of white orchids.".

(is the time I write with him to the photo)

" he said: "every day I buy a bunch of hanging on, guests feel particularly comfortable. "

, if it's clean and healthy, sunscreen and curtains make me feel good, and computer tables and white orchids make me feel interesting, I'm amazed at what I see next!

he said, "do you drink water?" "

, I thought it was mineral water, and said," no, it's not good to drink cold water early in the morning. "

," he said. "I've got hot, ice, and normal temperatures here.". "

then he took out a portable kettle!

(that is, below, I also wrote articles, with his photos)

" he proudly said: "this is hot. Ice well, the trunk has a small refrigerator, compressor, inside beer, drinks are readily available. "

, if I hadn't taken the bus, I would probably have knelt down to the master!

, but … … is not over yet.

when the red light, he suddenly from the passenger seat next to come up with a package, said: "this is kung fu tea, if your long-distance car, toll station, the rest of the time, I can give you a cup of tea, tea, Tieguanyin, oolong, gold Junmei, what would you like to have. "

," id_imagebox_3 is not over, … &hellip, "

," he said: "you look behind the right.". "(I sit in the seat behind the driver)

, I turned to look, and found … … a power outlet; … …

; I was almost shaking.

" he said: "the general car provides charging treasure for charging the mobile phone even if rare, I have a generator, a computer to charge, the guests must be long. "

next, he showed the other I can think of something, for example: Japanese carsick medicine, essential balm, vomit bag free wifi… …

as a consultant, was now doing Internet education, every day the user hangs in the mouth edge of the people, totally did not think there is this play. Just a taxi car … &hellip

; but I soon wonder from calm down, because I know that a lot of the time we will over service, input and output is not proportional. For example, carsick, medicine, tea, power socket, such things, not a few hours by car, simply can not afford to use, if his guests just go to the airport, this service is likely to be tasteless.

so I asked him, "how many people will charter a bus?"

him: "at least 1 long trips per week.". "

me:" so often! Why? "

he said proudly:" you do not know, I am fishing club VIP. There is an uninhabited island over there in Zhoushan. Tourists can't get on. Only I can pack a boat and drive in. "

," he continued, "you imagine, you wrap a ship and go to an uninhabited island,

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