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Hand travel football China contribution

gaoquwang· 2016-05-11 23:27:21

life on the game, the game on the fun. Every night at 7 o'clock, Meng Da sister paper, you play the game ["7" compilation] recently

, gaming circles of LGD in single Wei God discussed more and more. Wei God hurt? Haven't healed yet? Will not play for the time being? So who's going to come off the bench? The official also even issued a document confirmed by GodV hand wound has not yet recovered and was reduced to alternate seats, and the original VG in single player Li Yuanhui ID:Punished move hero League in LGD, as a single position. The body is the capital of revolution, our only hope Wei God not be absent for too long ~

when MC and Mario two classic games against together will wipe out what kind of spark? June 17, "my world: the Wii u version" will launch free Super Mario skin package, contains more than 40 role: Louis, Princess Peach, 7 kinds of ghost ghosts. The retail version of the players have to face the enemy in addition to the zombies, and Mario inside classic villain Bowser devil ~ "my world: the Wii u version" on 17 June launch, pricing $29.99 ~

game character stopping can not stop. The king of glory "launched a new hero Mai Shiranui is a set assassin of the dart and the outbreak, soldiers of the control group and physique in a mighty hero. And her super gank ability and "thin" sexy appearance, single lovers can start to consider the game ~

fog mode opens in early May, you never across the wall and the grass will not to see the enemy in the rear view. Players can for allied in increase the field of vision, nothing is not to try in more easy to control each other ~

circle. Angry birds launched football tour! Before playing slingshot angry bird, racing the angry birds, understand the ejection of angry birds, launch the angry bird, and now will play football's anger bird in hand... "City will play the Rovio have angry birds the IP play to the extreme of the ~ (can not say that angry birds has possessed?)

, your task is to lead a "Birdman" football team, the impact of occupation League championship. Think about all good excited ~ this time there may be on the shelves in May 20th or so. Class= img_box "

CF developer rights he bin into South Korea fourth Fu, Chinese players contribute greatly! The lower down

Forbes wealth list recently statistics, CF developers right had a net worth of $4 billion 900 million, among the fortune fourth.

crossing the line of fire into China by Tencent agent, rising income, and even become the development of the company's main source of income. In CF, a better firearms need to spend thousands of yuan, which indicates the "Cross Fire" super krypton gold.

veteran American publisher EA announced earnings in 2016, income 45.66 billion dollars, than last year more than 200 million. Among them, Star Wars: front in this fiscal year, sales reached 14 million copies, to bring the company 15% new users. To this end, EA decided in the next three years, the annual release of a new Star Wars game. Every year a ~ fan benefits more than that. Because Electronic Arts in Star Wars: force awakening after there will be more of the same type of movie launched ~

5 August 13, "a Chinese ghost story" tour first frame IOS, 19 platform of the beta. Mongolian, female demon wind shake Zheng nine role game already had a boy soldier Huo hammer, belonging to a meat shield, treatment, output, control and call to the player.

the male will launch the fairy sister named Liu Yifei Sakura fashion. Small fresh women as thin as onion skin, cool cut, outline the body curve of girls, the appearance of the party who is the gospel.

finally, natural is the welfare of the atlas of ~ send the latest issue of [grilled goddess] banners anchor pure like Lin Yun doing a piece of crisp, sweet and sour pork ~

what" 7 "? Is the interest to engage in small Sao years, purpose of his disgusting, entertaining others sincerely, record the interest to engage in a wonderful day, offer the new travel hodgepodge.


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