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The most industrious man in the world is old

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21caijingsousuo· 2017-09-25 10:18:15

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the world there is a group of the most hard-working people, they are

< strong> China countryside youth, college entrance examination students, students studying abroad, go around and migrant workers, to create

the wonders of the world in a short period of more than 20 years,

had an almost China to become the world's second most backward economy. The

group in 90s 80, crazy struggle,

support our country and small family

in the parents, they enter into the labor market in 60 and 70s,

standing "planned economy", no place, no struggle hard channel.

then Chinese is full of dust gravel road,

"refugee camps" as the train station and bus station,

smoke ring with the old train,

everywhere in the city is a home,

is full of dirty stinking farmers market … …

" everything from the beginning of 1984,

lights gradually eliminate gradually from the stage of history.

this year, the first time Deng Xiaoping's southern tour,

visited Zhuhai and wrote "the inscription of the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone".

this year, Deng Xiaoping also ordered the founder of the fool melon seeds, the name of the year long.

was jailed for 3 times in 3 years, and Deng Xiaoping rescued him in person.

this year, Wang Shi to get rid of "speculation" suspects, Vanke started.

this year, Liu Chuanzhi is 40 years old, feel very vexed, decisive sea.

this year, Zhang Ruimin has just taken office as director of Qingdao refrigerator factory.


... They represent 70 entrepreneurs,

has the characteristics of restless and adventurous spirit, their

businessman keen sense of smell, the smell of

from the political climate change rhythm.

1992, it was a great year.

the line for building a socialist market economy in China has been established.

" (industry inflection point from the beginning of 1992)

this year, Feng Lun give up official position into the sea, into one of the Six Gentlemen wantong.

this year, Wong Kwong Yu's "Gome" has become a chain of electrical appliances store.

this year, Tang Wanxin quietly set up a new company, and later became a temporary scenery of the Delong line.


... These private entrepreneurs to come on the stage,

resource allocation and capital market to summon wind and call for rain, the game was officially staged.

1998, the era of Internet came.

returnees, highly educated and experienced Silicon Valley, there is not much institutional background of the generation of young

came to the new historical stage, become entrepreneurs idol.

this year, Sohu founder Zhang Zhaoyang Chinese became the godfather of the Internet in high and vigorous spirits.

this year, in 1998, Lei Jun just served as general manager of Kingsoft Corp.

this year, two times the entrepreneurial dream broken Ma, sang "cry on each other's shoulder, true hero".

this year, Shi Yuzhu of the giant building is indebted, giant group in.

this year, Ma Huateng's Tencent Inc has just been established, the circle has little reputation.

is also this year, Jingdong has just been established, Liu Qiangdong has just been abandoned by his girlfriend, not long.


, Zhang Zhaoyang is down today,

, Ma Yun, Ma Huateng instead of godfather of internet.

these people in the "free world" are more forward-looking towards the future.

in management style, the pursuit of perfection, combined with individual centralization, and capital between the very happy talk.

they point to the direction of China's Internet development. A big

era, there are countless people, they in order to become a

million households,

to send their children abroad as "selfish small abacus", they have a lot of

look very bad things -- such as

90's 80s speculation, college students do not listen with wire,

Professor, Institute of lwop Sea restaurant open rental,

corruption and shoddy shoddy work.

, but more than 20 years,

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