"China Skynet" monitoring amplification action will violate public privacy?

Skynet ZA

weilaiwang· 2017-09-25 10:56:05

according to the future network reported on September 24th, recently, a period of 9 seconds of surveillance video blasting Chinese friends circle of friends. This monitoring allows real-time monitoring of motor vehicles, non motor vehicles and pedestrians, and can accurately identify the types of motor vehicles and non motor vehicles, as well as pedestrian age, gender, clothing and so on.

" motor vehicles and non motor vehicles and pedestrians are marked image related information reported by video screenshot

reporter to the relevant experts learned that the surveillance video display, real-time monitoring of pedestrian recognition system should be our newly developed, or is the traffic flow monitoring system. All two are important parts of China's "Skynet" project.

reportedly, pedestrian detection uses computer vision techniques to determine whether pedestrians are present in images or video sequences and give precise positioning. The technique can be combined with pedestrian tracking and pedestrian identification, and is applied to intelligent video surveillance, human behavior analysis and intelligent transportation.

users in praise of advanced technology at the same time, also very much looking forward to the actual application of this technology.

" in addition, there are users worry about Skynet system would violate public privacy, but then there is netizen refuted.

" according to the report, at present, Chinese has built the world's largest network of video surveillance, video shot more than 20 million. This is called "China Skynet" big project, is to protect the people's "eyes", the use of artificial intelligence and big data for police forecasting. The system is not only popularized in China, but also ranked in the world.

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