Why should primary school grade one or two pay close attention to? Catch what? Read it and you'll see!

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many parents think that children learn in grade one or two in primary school learning knowledge is the least, the lightest weight, it should let the children have free space, wait the key moment to catch a too late. Not really!

this kind of parents to the third grade most will have a common lament: the habit of a lot of behavior in children has been formed, most of the time no longer listen to parents words, then determined to keep up with the children, often pay is many times more effort than others, also not effective.

why is that?


primary school for six years, in fact, can be divided into three stages:

one or two year

is extremely dependent on the parent child period, but also a critical period of behavioral habits.

, grade three or four

, is a time when children are dependent on their parents to become more independent, and will begin to receive knowledge actively, and many witty expressions will occasionally surprise their parents.

, grade five or six,

is the time when children are independent and absorbed in their knowledge. We found that we can verbally teach them things are not many, as parents can do at this stage, it is more to the children with learning space and good conditions, transfer knowledge to children with books.

so it seems to be able to make the efforts of parents to produce twice the result with half the effort, that is, this stage of grade one or two.

the first grade children as the first transition period in the career of children for learning, learning attitude and image performance in the classroom, a teacher at the school in the heart, will directly affect the formation of children's personality characteristics.

a lot of low grade children, because their parents do not pay attention, did not realize the importance of learning habits, and inattention, sit, love, not love, don't interrupt the rise to class performance in class, and the first test at the back of the school is not the ideal result.

sees the teacher's praise and praise for the best students, and the child begins to become insecure and become introverted, which, once established, will be difficult to correct. How


can pay close attention to and effective

here "pay close attention to" is not to say that the school monitoring performance of children every day, every day with the child the teacher call to understand the situation.

instead, lay a confident and optimistic path ahead of the child, and pay careful attention to the child's reactions and changes. At this stage we can control the appropriate child immediately to learn knowledge well in advance.

did not have to understand the book, don't give pressure, but will be familiar with the learning content in the short term, and allow the child to grasp.

in this way, when children are formally contacted in school, there is a consistency, not panic, his performance will be more confident, but also access to school interesting classes, and enhance interest in learning.


do the work faster than the correct rate of

was significantly lower than the average score is always a child, have a common characteristic: slow speed.

even after everyone else handed in the volume, there were several major problems left for the child. The slower you do your homework, the less likely you are to concentrate.

so, at the beginning of grade 1, they deliberately train their children to do homework quickly. Early

does not require the correct rate, only requires speed, speed to drive the children to focus their attention on this matter; not required to write more neatly, but prohibited while doing homework while playing.

if the child doing homework while doing love play, children's schedule is almost impossible. Every day, just doing homework this item, almost all of the spare time, until the homework done, it's time to wash the bed, the children have no time to do their own thing". "

" or a word eraser, repeatedly written, written, wiped. Or see a problem, I like you, can not see the children look, write, still seem to think deeply.

is too perfect for the homework that others can do in 10 minutes. Such children may not be enough for an hour. In fact, it's boring and boring when you're over and over again, and you're particularly prone to wandering.


children wrong homework, do not write more than

, the child's wrong homework, do not write more than once. Just correct it, and the teacher will continue to teach it. Occasionally found the child wrote a typo, can write the correction in the home on the blackboard.

encourages children to play when they finish their homework. The sooner they finish, the more time they play. In addition to not playing computer games, mobile phones, the other will do, especially encouraged to play with children.

in fact, when the speed becomes a habit, attention can be concentrated, and the accuracy will not be a problem.

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