"Deadly bomb" evil sword domain of God demo report: SAO made of TPS, the effect how?

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-09-25 11:32:56

along with the novel, the movie, the game in the domestic succession introduction, the sword, the God domain series work, has accumulated many popular feelings in the domestic player. This time, before we came to the BNEI booth, bring the sword domain of God. This series will be on sale in February 8, 2018 the latest game "sword domain of God: deadly bomb" fierce trial experience.

demo version provides two tasks for selection, respectively is the afterimage wilderness (control poetry is) and maze (control kirito).

both of the demo processes are consistent, and several small tasks are done continuously in the open map. But controls the labyrinth task of Tong people, can use close attack way to attack the enemy.

" entered the game after the whole frame is stable, single process map seamless handover, including change of perspective, experience is relatively smooth. As the cost of the game at the expense of a part vision effect, picture frames have certain space to improve. But the overall effect is still acceptable, and I believe the official version will give the player a better experience.

" in the battle, the action is quite satisfactory in part of third person shooter, the official category for TPSRPG. Demo version of the weapon's Quasi heart is relatively large, shooting difficulty is not high. On the battlefield, game player can also use the UFG (Ultimate Fibre Gear) quickly move to the point near, if you want to use the same sword like Jatropha for the game, the role of UFG is manifested: you can quickly close to the enemy and not easy to paste a face by a bullet. However, to trigger the UFG, there is a requirement for control, and the trial version is not very difficult, and more uses are also available for aftermarket discovery.

" from the task selection of equipment in the interface part, game player can also equipped with two weapons (kirito weapon 2 column is empty, after entering the game is fixed for the sword). Weapons and ammunition were different with different effects, in addition to the hit range, damage size difference, the demo, poetry is the attack can cause lasting damage to the enemy while burning, jatropha attack can have temporary paralysis effect on the enemy. Although the demo version can not modify the device's configuration, the official said there will be a variety of unique weapons for players to use.

" as the series, the game still retains the team character culture system in combat can also through the touch panel to open the menu directly to teammate orders. The natural and numerical training, and various props and auxiliary skills have been inherited, and can be used in battle by the use of R1+ combination keys.

, and so on, the player plays the role he created. But we noticed a small detail in the demo: in the game, to accomplish certain achievements, you can unlock the medal (in the upper left corner of the game interface, the minimap, the right side). There is a Percent / PT numerical indication in the middle, but it's not yet known what the value is.

some of the medals are unlocked. The top left corner of the screen will indicate that the medal is in common with the other characters. Perhaps this means that in the official version, players can use their favorite original characters to fight. But unfortunately, from outside the novel is smaller than the roll Xianglian determine at least temporarily not love her debut, game player will probably be disappointed.

" although this makes developers for the development of "free" Dimps war, but from the demo version, the default AI team is quite clever, can give better response than game player assisted instruction. I believe that even if the player is not good at shooting, it will not encounter too many problems in the early stage, you can simply enjoy the fun of this.

" finally, the poem is very cute, but get more lovely ah.

, author of this article: Shen You editor: Kirin @ nutshell network,

game time, Tokyo reported

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