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taipingyangdiannaowang· 2017-09-25 16:48:27

this morning (EST last night), Intel officially released the eighth generation core desktop processors, named Coffee Lake-S (family to be officially confirmed).

the Intel, launched a total of six new products, types and specifications are as follows:

i7-8700K: 6C/12T, based at 3.7GHz, core frequency up to 4.7GHz, 95W TDP, $359 (about 2370 yuan)

i7-8700: 6C/12T, based at 3.2GHz, core frequency up to 4.6GHz. 65W TDP, $303

i5-8600K: 6C/6T, based at 3.6GHz, core frequency up to 4.3GHz, 95W TDP, $257

i5-8400: 6C/6T, based at 2.8GHz, core frequency 65W TDP, the high 4.0GHz, $182

i3-8350K: 4C/4T, based at 4.0GHz, no 91W TDP turbo, $168

i3-8100:, 4C/4T, based at 3.6GHz, core frequency 65W TDP, no, $117 (about 772 yuan). It was also the first time that Intel's consumer class i7 went on to the 6 core 12 thread, and I3 popularized the 4 core for the first time.

price compared to the previous generation of Kaby Lake, is essentially the same, even fine-tuning, in the range of 10 dollars, and there is no word prequel 8700K exceeded 400 dollars so exaggerated.

Intel stressed that the main highlights of the 8 generation core embodies in the following aspects: more and more intelligent core cache, the highest underlying architecture design, enhanced overclocking performance and improved 14nm Technology (14nm++).

at the same time, the 8 generation core adapter 300 series chipset, the first Z370 motherboard, memory support to DDR4-2666 (before 2400MHz), 40 PCIe 3 bus, 4K (HDR, Optane, USB3.1 core display) Goods are available in all varieties. etc..

learned that i7-8700K will take the lead in the shipment of Aurora on an alien host in October 5th, and that the box is expected to be available in October 20th. In addition to

, the 8 generation core will also cover the Pentium and Celeron, now until early next year, has continued to meet you.

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