China's strongest core: Kirin 970 is finally coming


anzhuozhongguo· 2017-09-25 16:48:57

some time ago, HUAWEI with the latest SOC Kirin 970 unveiled the German IFA2017 exhibition. And today (September 25th), HUAWEI will be held in China alone Kirin 970 held a communication session, to the industry, media and consumers to explain Kirin 970 chip features.

in accordance with established practice, HUAWEI will share more Kirin 970 R & D insider, functional features, and technical details of the consumer's most concern in the communication session. IFA can not understand the full pollen, this communication will not be missed.

" it is reported that the communication of the theme of "Newell", from "Duxue Dusing, Newell in core", reflects HUAWEI Hass development practice, wisdom into the spirit of the chip.

reportedly, Kirin 970 uses TSMC 10nm process, the internal integration of 5 billion 500 million crystals, power consumption reduced by 20%. At the same time, Kirin 970 has joined the NPU with lower power consumption and ultra high performance density, and can reach about 2000 pages per minute at the speed of image recognition. In support of the NPU AI chip, Kirin 970 in a specific task environment, similar to the size of the CPU 25 times faster, while the power efficiency reduced by 50 times.

specifications, 970 kylin with 8 core design, 4xA73 2.4GHz+4xA53 1.8GHz Mali-G72 MP12 (GPU, equipped with 12 core, compared with a generation of 20% increased 50%, enhancing energy efficiency, can run smoothly, longer support large-scale 3D games), built a new self dual ISP camera research, artificial intelligent scene recognition, face tracking, intelligent motion focal scene detection, at the same time the night shooting effect to upgrade again. For the first time,

video supports HDR10, supports 4K@60fps video decoding, and 4K@30fps video coding.

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