Matsuda Yousuke talking about service games: the era of stand-alone has passed

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in recent years, with the popularity of multiplayer games and the flourishing of DLC, the word "games as a service" is more and more popular in newspapers. As the leader of the third party factory, Square Enix will certainly not miss this trend. In a recent shareholder report, President Matsuda Yousuke has highlighted the service game.

single game mainstream multiplayer game play a supporting role, the time has passed, "President Matsuda said in the report," now, many people have been walking in front of the game, can provide long-term play value, has become one of the standard game design. "

Matsuda Yousuke

called the" service type "game and has no strict definition, most are based on the mechanism of the game itself is based on the (online games, game players, representing the" destiny "of" pioneer ", also has a watch) through long-term update to retain users. In SE's view, the focus of the service game is to attract users to play for a long time, rather than customs clearance, then put it on the shelf.

"in order to achieve this goal, we will do our best to enhance customer satisfaction and strengthen the life cycle value of the game," Matsuda Yousuke said.

"Final Fantasy 15" is undoubtedly the most typical example of the recent SE hand, and when the game is released, compared to the current version of the content and function are not mentioned in the same breath. Next month, the multiplayer mode will be officially launched, and new stories will be added next year. For a single experience based game, such a large-scale, long time updates are quite rare.

" on the other hand, announced in the TGS's new "Left Alive" is a service game potential, after all to the TPS game in such a life, join a multiplayer mode is also reasonable.

in the report, Matsuda Yousuke also praised the growing fire at the game industry. He said that this has brought new value to the game industry, and SE has a lot of interest in this field.

what do you think about service games?

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