Will it hurt to cry out in childbirth?

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taipingyangqinziwang· 2017-09-25 18:45:28

a lot of expectant mothers are screaming when they're about to give birth because of contractions, which is really painful, and maybe because they feel like shouting, maybe it doesn't hurt that much.

but in fact, even when the pain pain is not recommended to shout out, because

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▪ waste

labor force, described from the baby is born, there is a period of time, if in the early stage because of the pain all this will lead to raise a hue and cry words, later doctors need prospective mother when forced out makes the effort, the baby's birth is not good.

▪ flatulence

has been yelling will cause flatulence in the stomach, which is not conducive to the expansion of the palace mouth.

▪ effect of cervical dilatation of cervix and uterine

in hormones will gradually become loose and soft, if the prospective mother at this time always raise a hue and cry will not only disrupt the normal breathing, and also affect the cervical softening and expansion of export.

in fact, facing the labor pains, the correct approach is: the elimination of tension for

1. delivery, the prospective mother should have a correct understanding, don't be too nervous, to rest between contractions can also take a look at the book, or listen to music to relax. This not only promotes childbirth, but also greatly increases the tolerance to pain.

2. builds up enough energy,

eats and drinks water, and occasionally adds sugar (like chocolate), allowing the body to have enough strength and energy to prepare for childbirth.

3. adjust the breathing,

to the delivery time, the degree of pain will increase, and the number will turn thick. The

recommends full chest breathing at the beginning and end of each labor, and the middle part with upper chest breathing to relax the lower abdomen as much as possible to reduce pain.

is the so-called upper chest breathing, mouth slightly open, with light and light suction, blowing, only half of the lung as blow out small candles, without too much force.

full chest breathing, that is, take a deep breath, take a deep breath with your nose, and then breathe out slowly.

4. massage

in the adjustment of breathing at the same time, with moderate massage, can better relax the muscles, relieve pain.

practice: when

inhale, both hands from both sides of the lower abdomen to the middle of the abdomen massage gently.

exhale, abdominal massage from the center to the sides.

massage and the number of breaths frequency can be the same, also can massage uncomfortable place gently, such as waist, pubic symphysis, reasonable massage can play the role of activating collaterals, relieve pain.

5. compression analgesia

, while deep breathing, with fist slightly press waist or pubic symphysis.

6. proper walking,

maternal, such as all normal, after the consent of the doctor, you can walk around properly, but also ease the pain.

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