Alyssa Chia for her husband to send her husband was shaved

Alyssa Chia three a public.

shoujitengxunwangyule· 2016-05-12 00:35:05

Tencent Entertainment News (text / sunstar) may 10, Alyssa microblogging drying out photos about her husband our Kai joined the army. And issued a document: "fix my father ~ ~ to do the thing to do! We are with you ~ thank you friends and family members of the family to repair the father of a memorable memories, I know you will miss us, but good, soon you will be around us, come on!! In the photo, Shiou set on the chest to write a "army" of the army, "the text of the plastic film, side looked at the muscle male poster. Alyssa wearing camouflage uniforms to conduct a haircut, hair conduct and Alyssa POU POU a three photo is very warm. Relatives and friends as Shiou opened "party army camouflage wind", very cool. < p > users have commented: "the family big eyes, I envy" and "let baby take Da, father's little lover, mother of small cotton padded jacket, like a good you this, simple low-key, Yan value so high family, should have been happy to go oh". Class= img_box "

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