"Youth" removed files, listen to what Feng Xiaogang said

Youth Feng Xiaogang film National Day

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"Lexi Cao Fanghua", Huang Xuan's "living Lei Feng" Liu Feng retired after being chased down, or buckle under the transport tricycle. In reality, the director Feng Xiaogang encountered the same predicament, but he was "buckle" under, is his film.

originally scheduled for National Day files, and we meet "Fanghua" emergency evacuation last night, indeed came suddenly. Director and creative and other propaganda team is still on the road show, and today's Shanghai stadium is the first after the withdrawal of the file, I am afraid, but also the last time showings. In the face of Taiwan chin looked looking forward to the audience, this time Feng Xiaogang didn't use "cannon" temperament, but the bow crying.

"today's meeting will be the most memorable of all.". Because of the reasons, our "Youth" national road show can only end here. So this is the last "Fanghua" and the audience meeting. Before we begin, we must say goodbye! "

" Youth "from the National Archives of competition, the focus of attention but two, one is the specific reasons for this" green "emergency withdrawal of file, some people say that because the pre-sale is too poor, from the National Day stall also said; because it involves sensitive content, although get Longbiao but was stopped above.

at today's meeting, Feng Xiaogang also for yesterday from now on all aspects of the reasons for the withdrawal to prove response. "The Internet has circulated a lot of speculation, saying that" the youth "is for speculation to withdraw files, and some people say," Fanghua "pre-sale is too bad, we are afraid, dare not on national day. I keep silent in the face of these speculations, but here I stand at this moment, and I want to say I am helpless because these speculations are not true. "Another focus of

's attention is the gambling agreement between and Huayi Brothers behind Feng Xiaogang. In the morning, the film publicity Fang Bo marketing CEO a "movie 700 million back, go to hell" boarded the major media headlines.

said in a review, "Fang Hua" is Feng Xiaogang on the subject and resource maturity to control, in the market, and to seek a political art. Such a balance, or that is a compromise between contributed to wrestling.

"Youth" once again repeated "I am not Pan Jinlian" mistakes, but good food is not afraid of late, not necessarily bad things. Let us pay attention to is, "Youth" after the file, the National Archives of the competition pattern will change, and the rest of the film must have a chance?

"Fanghua" soul stirring 12 hours

loss more than 20 million?

from yesterday afternoon, the first discovery of youth stalls news, and now, has been fermented for nearly 12 hours, the current Internet Ticketing platform, there is no "Youth" ticket options.

first briefly review several important time nodes, as follows.

" from the top down event comb will also find that the withdrawal of the file is be caught off guard.

when the entertainment capital last night that the withdrawal of file film advertising marketing consulting party bole, and part of the team staff had not been informed of the news, "Youth" creative team last night just finished the Guangzhou roadshow in Shenzhen that night continues. Also have not received the higher notice of some theater manager, also early fall asleep. On 23, 11 in the evening, time net also urgent rumor, called "Youth" in September 29th normal release.

" did not think, 24 am, the official issued confirmation of "Youth" withdrawal from the National Archives news.

"(above) prior notice to the Huayi Brothers, then notice to Party and Xuanfa director, our official news knew more than half an hour. "Bole marketing CEO, Zhang Wenbo revealed.

official micro-blog, personal circle of friends, social media everywhere filled with "Youth" to withdraw files regret. Among them, many conspiracy theorists believe that because the pre-sale is not good, so the film initiative to withdraw from the National Day stalls.

this conclusion is obviously too hasty.

from the sale of the situation, "green" pre-sale is not too good, according to cat's movie box office statistics, as of 29, youth in its first two days pre-sale box office only 2 million 260 thousand row piece is not ideal, especially in September 30th because of multi row piece competition, hovering around 10%.

" but if the active withdrawal file because the pre-sale, in the fifteenth session of the national cinema domestic film promotion conference, Feng Xiaogang is not necessary when more than 300 yuan to promote the film top line, and immediately send tickets 10000. As a result of Amoy ticket jointly issued, and even Ma has issued a micro-blog, to see "youth.".

not to mention, the economic loss caused by the withdrawal of the film at this time is not small. About a week or so, most of the publicity materials are ready, and the cinema has already started the sale.

has the industry view that, "Youth" has been pre-sale 40 thousand screenings, withdrawal will not only offend theater,

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"Youth" removed files, listen to what Feng Xiaogang said

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