When the star is not easy to be injured is a homely food.

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after during the filming of" business marriage ", Li Nian was admitted to hospital with acute gastroenteritis.

lay in the recording program faint, staff revealed him to faint reasons not outside of gastrointestinal discomfort or food poisoning, but "Yixing work too tired to him that is tired and dizzy." Class= img_box "

was sent to the hospital Zhang Yixing was also worried about his delay in the recording of the program, again and again to apologize.

2011, Zhang in his own singing because physical weaknesses faint suddenly, but after a few minutes, she is once again returned to the stage.

in the conference for the film, hypoglycemia and overnight crashing yexuan fainted on the spot, so that the presence of people are panic.

in addition to night work, in work injury also was the star of "routine". Huang Xiaoming during the filming of "the white haired witch biography", due to shedding Avia broke his leg, steel nail implantation surgery, rest and recuperate for 2 months.

Huang Xiaoming in microblogging drying out of a self, that movie upside down time is a bit long, serious burst a blood vessel. Photos, Huang Xiaoming looked pale, face red a knot in one's heart, looked worrying physical condition. He also to users send help, "today filming upside down time is a bit long, burst a blood vessel in such a way, seek expert answers how fast go bloodshot, online and so on. And fengshaofeng wounded in the filming on

. He was filming "playing Baigujing" accidentally fell off the horse, more be 550 kilos of white horse and props luggage rolling, causing the spot dizzy in the past, the hospital was diagnosed suffered a broken leg, in July rest 2 months

2010, Selina in Shanghai shooting TV drama "I and spring have a date, blasting scene accidental burns, warp broken a preliminary diagnosis, MD, Selina's hands, feet and back, severe burns. Therefore, she had to in the hospital lay more than 2 months, and she body there are still many can not be healed scars.

and Selina misery loves company and Yu Haoming, two people together when injured, and the yuhaoming injury is more serious. It is reported that the burn area of 35%, through more than two years of treatment before the comeback, so fans love endless. Injured

Linda filming, multiple scrapes and bruises, facial also by the injury.

Jiang Qinqin in microblogging drying out filming injured according to, and said: "just shoot scene, stroke tile explosion, explosion stroke tile, to wound themselves. I was drunk! "In the photo, Jiang Qinqin loose hair, white skin, a large arm is bruised obviously, slightly helpless smile"".

as 00, members of the tfboys Yi Xi molten thousands very hard, in order to practice dancing multiple is bruised. Class= img_box "

Le Jia in the filming of a reality show, causing injuries to the testis. But Le Jia treated and joked "repair after the battle".

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