Alyssa Chia announced: "good near!"! Netizens shouted "sibao"

Alyssa Chia Shiou Z

wangyiyule· 2017-09-26 06:01:33

entertainment NetEase reported in September 26th Alyssa Chia and Shiou married, her daughter does not have, does not Bo girl, plus the Indus sister, a family of five happy family life enviable. Often share parenting drip in the community she, 25 evening, suddenly announced the dispatch of good "near", although the article did not point out what is "good", but still sell on foot, to attract big ticket users crazy speculation "is not the message, there are four treasures! "

Alyssa Chia 25 evening in the face book issued a document, drying out a beautiful picture, mystery wrote," laugh like this, know that a good thing is near. "In this paper, in addition to her with smile and kiss the run pattern, but not explicitly explain the" good "content, simply said" don't ask me to know "sooner or later, sell enough to make everyone curious about the matter. Although Alyssa Chia did not point out what

is "good", there are still many netizens message crazy speculation, "pregnant? This is not "and" Sibao "and" more new members "and" Bo girl to be a sister? "In addition, because she has been married to Shiou, not later than the wedding, the man had said," twenty thousand percent wedding ", so there are a lot of speculation, whether the couple began preparations for related matters, on the network set off a lively discussion, as for what is called" good ", only the goddess day after personally declassified.

many people wonder if Alyssa Chia is pregnant Alyssa Chia broker replied, "Oh, no! So many good things in life, may be happy today. ". "

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