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read: those who want to enter the bank and want to jump out of the bank should take a serious look at this big data.

source, twenty-first Century economic report (ID:jjbd21) from the comprehensive vocational compass (ID:zhinanzhen_ai), Finance (goldread365) reading dazzling nearly two years of evolution speed of

financial industry, a wave of people to touch the bank carefully thinking, but in the job market, comprehensive impression banking still abuse new industry times. Moreover, the impression is not without just cause, according to the post finishing compass "banking personnel quit 2017 wind" shows that if you are highly qualified personnel, so the average salary of the banking industry is absolutely impressive.

(Note: all data are taken from the post of compass talent database, such as references to other reports will be marked in the text.)

bank industry Gang amazing

trade financing, salary information management, internal audit are the top three

" in the TOP10 salary list, trade financing, assets supporting tube, investment banking, interbank business positions occupied 4 seats before 5 the average wage, from 15K onwards, the way up to more than 18K. The only one in the top 5 of

that does not involve direct profit creation is the internal audit post. From the beginning of sixth, the type of position partial diversification, compliance, financial analysis, business development, planning and other various types of jobs are on the list, and tenth of the law also broke the 10K mark, visible to all kinds of banking business sector wages are not low, competitive.

sales and customer management into the most happy post

raise attention on

" from the list on 2017, job wage growth points, the most important is the need to maintain customer positions, including business development (55.42%), the bank manager (39.19%), the sales side of the financial advisor (36.76%), to maintain the relationship with customers is closely related.

addition, the list also revealed the lack of finance professionals, lack of bank accounting, but the lack of a thorough understanding of all kinds of financial analysis and financial business, so this kind of personnel salary also more obvious advantages.

investment banking business accounted for a high degree of talent competition

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" high paying jobs and higher education post list surprisingly consistent, the investment banking Gang occupy than especially well, not only more than half (54.28%) came from the 985, 211 more schools, more than half (52.62%) holding a master's degree. Legal, interbank business, compliance, learning tyrants ratio is equally huge, regardless of the master or the elite origin accounted for more than 35%.

in addition, ranking schools and master's degree or above ranking, the two form the top 10 jobs, accounting for more than 30%, than that without exception, to compete for these jobs, at least and high-quality personnel more than 1/3 positive PK. The banking sector was to get high paying jobs under talented men still remained in concealment, offer, a few dazzling licenses and no endorsement of the elite.

rank position degree relatively low

promotion difficulty of abnormally high

college the following post is more focused on post sales as well as the basic category, customer service, customer management, collection Manager, financial adviser, credit manager, customer retention, and are in fact sales related work. These jobs usually take longer to promote (see below). In the job market, these positions of network resources, business familiarity and unexpected situation should be changed to advantage.

" and the bank lobby manager, despite carrying manager title, but from the data, at present, many units of the bank lobby manager job experience is not rich, more than 1/3 years working experience in the following 3 years, the promotion difficulty among the top 3. Situation and the situation similar to the teller, both of the promotion difficulty is quite high, all the way up to executives, need at least 6-8 years. In fact, not only the lobby manager, teller promotion difficult, non core business positions such as IT technical support, credit review, collection and other positions promotion difficulty and time is equally terrible.

high paying jobs experience requirements are rigid demand higher

in the human experience, most banks still choose jobs, can be negotiable, but in our finishing job requirements, analysis of the several positions of banks, financial asset management, trade finance, internal audit, financial demand, experience more clearly, they in the intermediate personnel (3-5 years experience) and senior talents (5 years) on the list were ranked in the top 5, including the head office of the product manager, experience requirements is also very high, these jobs are related to the banks to focus on the source of profits, for all kinds of business development trend of bank examination and control, and Analysis of the major lines of business finance, business complex, a multitude of things, so