Not every day to steal tower is to learn from him? King glory, the hero, destroyed three nations

King glory Han Xin father game

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Hello, everyone. This is a serious game. I'm a serious brother.

, the new hero of King glory, met with you today, but you know what? In fact, Su strong historical prototype is famous in China one of the Three Kingdoms "destroy destroy the country God" Su fang. Today I have to say something about you and the king of glory in carrying a stick man Su Su Fang and strong ties between.

arms go train shoulder to people on the battlefield than father rushed from the Soviet Union will have mang

name so strong, historians have the name for its strong su. This is Su Fang's father Suiti their generals, Su Ding root seedlings are red, from childhood to "love the motherland" in mind, childhood Su so brave force, great courage. Our teens also have teenage entrance, people followed his father to charge into the enemy ranks. His daddy often took the Su strong civil war, called the history of the father's heart. It is also strongly Su Mang, kill time than his father rushed the fierce than before.

" in order to better patriotic, the Soviet Union will also never forget to exercise, not only to brave all through, footloose. No wonder the "king of glory" will su strong image design into a powerful, with eight pack muscular image, positioning in the tanks and soldiers of the two position. "The arms go train, shoulders can be extraordinary, said that the Soviet Union will.

are the main three people destroy captured Han will steal the tower is to learn from him!

has many strong Su guards are terrified to game player "king of glory", such as the history of the strongest unyielding passive skills like "iron wall, let Su Chun strong attachment, after death can place the resurrection, the resurrection to teammates around defense, acceleration.

and Su strong holiks Wan Jun not only hit the enemy, but also let the enemy hit fly to knock the other enemies, so opposite regardless of how many enemies, like Domino, will in turn down. These two skills Su strong, can make him invincible in the game, to an enemy five effect. The history of Su Dingfang, is not only an enemy five! As a Ever-victorious general on the battlefield, to a hundred enemy that is often the case!

brother Su Fang on the battlefield is about this

in the East Turkic during the war, the Soviet Union will have to attack Turkish leader before the war, he moves to Zhu Geliang, Qiazhiyisuan: Comrades, tonight there is a big error (fog)! Then he killed himself with a two hundred bow cavalry. As soon as he came to the place where the army was sleeping, he pointed at it again: "well, I'm going to investigate, fog. You should be scattered.". Thus, at this moment the fog of war, very obedient, said scattered scattered. They stormed into the camp, where the Turkish Khan led the army, sweating out a cold sweat on the bed: "how did you get in?"! "Ran away with his tail at once. Tang Jun, two hundred people just follow up a victory with hot pursuit, the attack but let them take a million people.

" East Turkestan committed, this time to the Western Turks invading. The generals know Zuozhen Su Fang, West Turk sent twenty thousand cavalry to resist, think not, added twenty thousand. But the forty thousand people of the Soviet Union will have it useless. What the Turks are planted in the same trick, the Soviet Union will bring five hundred cavalry, a squat grass, they steal "across the crystal", this time five hundred to forty thousand, he did it again.

Han Xin: I will steal steal tower crystal is he taught

Su Fang every time without leave, ranging from open team attack each other crystal, such behavior leads to the pig teammate, his deputy Wang Wendu discontent. Wang Wendu monologue: lets you eat meat, MVP and not my! so he not only the command grab, also ordered the army build-up, halt the troops and wait still and wait for the open group. The whole army ordered: "do not steal the tower, a good regiment."! "

", the result has been in the opposite side of the development, we do not even blame wild monsters, horses hungry, thin, and so tired people. The Soviet Union will be so anxious, it is afraid of waves to lose not the advantage early. Finally, seriously as he expected, Tang Jun failed, then according to him for stealing two generals of the tower, Wang Wendu and Cheng Zhi Festival, was removed from office, demoted to civilians. so the fact that only know junglers brain group never steal the Han crystal!

"to the Soviet Union will have a hundred enemy" heroic deeds is clearly more than this year two, the Soviet Union will once again against the Western Turks, one is opposite "Su dad" come, frighten direct vote. Then the Soviet Union will surrender from the soldiers pulled out one thousand people, then the original plus soldiers
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