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Children education growth

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life to accept the three aspects of education, family education, school education and social education.

family education, as a starting point of life education, is the most basic form of influencing time. It plays a very important role in the process of children's growth and is irreplaceable in school education. From time to time, most of the time the child is still at home, the school time instead of more time at home, indicating the importance of "family" in educating children.

what will the future become of the children? What will he think of his job in the future? To a greater degree, it depends on family education.

", to create a good family environment is very important for

family education is the place in the family:

when the child and family together easily, eat cordial chat, play happily, grow up, he will become a caring the

family; children have relatively independent space, he has self-control opportunities, free games, alone, the child will become an independent person;

home can let the children take the initiative to share housework, cleaning, clean up, he will be a sense of responsibility the people;

when children have the opportunity to take care of sick family, take care of the pet, send tea meal, ask pass cold hiss warm, he is learning to empathize with others, Guan Airuo Small

; parents do housework, let the children go to start handing tools, can train his team cooperation spirit;

these are not up to the school education, so in order to the all-round development of children, family education is the influence of how important! Parents should strive to create a suitable environment for children. Family members should live together in peace together.

because of the child's imitative power, plasticity, parents' words and deeds, to the child's subtle influence. Therefore, parents should be good at setting an example to their children, and ask them to do the first thing they need to do. That is the real strength of education. On the other hand, children should also pay attention to their own learning environment, as far as possible to arrange a comfortable, quiet little world, as far as possible so that children are not affected by the surrounding environment.

two, concerned about the child's physical, physical and mental health,

positive psychological status and healthy and strong physical quality, is an important guarantee for all-round development of children.

parents should pay attention to children's thoughts, personality and emotional changes during their education, and be patient to help them solve their difficulties. Children should also be encouraged to exercise.

in addition, the diet should also be reasonable, do not eat or eat snacks, children need not eat nutrients, as long as the staple food, each meal balanced nutrition. Meat collocation, eat fruit every day, drink plenty of water and so on.

three, the cultivation of healthy character,

personality is the most important and most prominent feature of human nature. It is not innate, but gradually formed in life.

for children, family education plays an important role, family harmony, parents diligence and frugality, love of labor, children are easy to form an honest, love work, a strong sense of responsibility.

parents dote on and indulgence, will make children squeamish, willful, selfish, do not form a good character.

to cultivate a healthy personality of children, first of all parents in the education of children, not reprimanded, beaten children, even if the child has a mistake, but also to find the reasons, "the right remedy", to reduce the child's psychological pressure. Because maltreatment can cause a child's psychological trauma, this trauma is sometimes difficult to make up for.

four, a harmonious family atmosphere

"if children live with encouragement, he learns confidence; life with praise, he learns to appreciate life; in criticism, he learns to live in a world of hatred and inferiority; he learned to get revenge. "

whether it is praise or criticism from parents is the most, if parents do not pay attention to these children, so we can lose too much, therefore, parents must be good at doing children's close friends, when children are happy or sorrow to share with you, then you are successful, of course, this one needs a lot of parents. There are many ways to

the child's education, which requires us to make parents usually have a love should be, but also carefully, carefully, patiently, I believe that as long as our parents can do these points of common concern, coupled with the school and the society, our children will be able to become a country of socially useful talents. In

, the family is the first school children, parents are the first teachers of the children, warm environment, family life is rich, informative, knowledge of child labor, learn Dairenchushi, learning to be the base, so the importance of family education should not be underestimated.

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