From Hollywood sexy woman to the head of Unicorn company, star entrepreneurs also fly

Kids the Hollywood dollars

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mentioned Western sexy woman, the brain jumped out of the name, Jesssica Alba must be indispensable.

Jesssica Alba is known as "Hollywood sweetheart", she has a sweet appearance and proud figure, can be said to be out of the box sexy goddess. However, in Hollywood where the beauty is tagged, beautiful women can't escape being treated as a "vase".

in recent years, Alba's name began with the "woman", when people mention her, show the mind is no longer a "vase" image, she has entered the field of entrepreneurship, to become a new business woman. Honest company, founded by

Alba, focuses on selling "green" and "organic" products, including detergents, baby diapers and other personal care products. In 2015, the company's valuation had reached $1 billion.

in the United States, Costco, wfmi, Nord at the department store, baby supplies store even discount stores are selling The Honest giant Taghit goods. Famous film star Zhang Ziyi in the micro-blog drying photos, her daughter wake up wearing The Honest diapers, and the same diapers are online hot.


Alba to become the mother of former sweetheart entrepreneur identity on TV and magazines, a time fame. The road to her career looks good. With a beautiful star boss, the company seems to have a natural advantage at first, is it really that simple?

is already sixth years since Alba started his business this year. In 2011, Alba founded the The Honest Company with Brian Lee, the boss of Shoedazzle, a social networking shopping mall in the United states.

, the intention of the company was founded on Alba's concern for the health of the child after becoming a mother.

Alba has severe allergies and chronic asthma, so she pays particular attention to the health of her children. She wants to give the child a beautifully designed product, it should not be too expensive, and it is safe. Every time Alba goes shopping, he will check the ingredients of the product, and never choose any baby food containing poison. She also hired a professional consultant, and by 2011 she had become an expert in consumer products.


pure natural appeal

Alba found that no one is on the market provide design diapers with seasonal changes, her daughter wanted to buy a lovely natural texture of diapers.

will create a safe, chemical free, non-toxic consumer product without a major corporate facility and will cost far more than the $6 million seed fund. So they began looking for venture capital to invest in diapers.

general catalyst company in 2012 in the A round of financing institutions and Lightspeed venture partners and joint venture investment $27 million. The Honest, diaper business growing rapidly, in August 2014, $127 million of financing, The Honest company to introduce more products in different categories: detergent, kitchen cleaning agent, detergent, cream, multivitamin and kindergarten furniture.


The Honest products to change the status quo by the company now has 120 in the sale of goods, but they increase the variety of products for a cautious, because they know that the strength of the brand is very easy because of too large and scattered.

Alba has more than once proposed amendments to the chemical substances detection ordinance. She expressed disappointment with existing regulations - the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act allowed 80000 chemicals to be exempted from household products. But she knew that she could make more real changes through Honest, compared to knocking around the door in washington.

Honest" identified as parents demand, not only committed to providing natural non-toxic products, also launched a unique "monthly subscription system" -- customers spend 30 seconds left as long as the basic data, then take 3 seconds to choose already with a good suit of diapers or household goods, after a month, they can stay at home, sit in the home to receive new security diapers, baby products, bath products, and all kinds of detergent. The number of fans on the Honest website has topped the 100 thousand mark for a few months. Co founder


and smart people work together

Alba is the company's spokesperson, she and her team will usually use cheaper relative marketing tools, such as Facebook, rather than large

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