Doctor Street rescue "blood palm" photos popular, warm the whole city

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according to the Yangtze Evening News reported in September 26th, the purple cow, passers-by lying on the ground, head bleeding and vomiting, critical condition! Help not help? He studied at the Department of general surgery of Hospital Affiliated to Nantong University of Jiangsu province. He was a graduate student and "90" guy Liu Jiazhou. He did not hesitate to rush forward to cure the injured. After the rescue, he inadvertently photographed his own blood stained palm photos, and soon burst into a friend circle. And he stopped in the rescue, and go by taxi drivers, and put together the injured to the hospital by … … this is the night of September 20th, the workers and peasants in Jiangsu province Nantong city road has a warm heart.

source: Yangtze Evening News

he decisive shot, for medical instinct

20 evening 9:20, Liu Jia Zhou electric car ride to find classmates, via the Tesco supermarket near the road workers and peasants when the non motorized vehicles found in front of a group of people gathered together. Liu Jiazhou instinctively sensed something was wrong.

, a more than 30 year old man lying on his back, the blood does not stop outflow from the head. One side of the man's friend was scared and bewildered. He said, that night they eat together and drank wine, after dinner, two people ride the electric car back together, there was an accident on the road.

Liu Jia Zhou struggled through the crowd, walked up, first determine whether patients with clear consciousness, touch the carotid artery pulsation, observe thoracic downs, evaluate the injured stable vital signs. "There was a lot of blood loss, and if you don't do anything, it can lead to hemorrhagic shock. And the injured drink a lot of wine, vomiting, vomit can cause suffocation at any time. Liu Jia Zhou recalled, he injured back with one hand on the other hand, with a thick pile of paper head bleeding hemostasis oppression.

for the risk of saving people, Liu Jiazhou no worries, "no matter what circumstances have to go to rescue people, this is all out of a doctor's instinct.". "

at the scene, there are a few passers-by and injured friends, are anxious to help, but in the face of the injured head bleeding and vomiting, I do not know how to start.

they help, who is not afraid of "stalls",

in the process of rescue the injured, Liu Jiazhou encountered an embarrassing situation. At that time, the injured brain bleeding is very fierce, the need to stop bleeding as soon as possible, but can not find a clean oppression. Liu Jiazhou asked all the passers-by, and needed a stack of toilet paper, but none of us had any. He thought he had a rag on his electric car, but it was too dirty for fear of causing infection.

in Liu Jia Zhou hands the injured head, blood stained palm, a large stack of toilet paper handed over. Originally, a deiivery brother just through here, the first time to stop participating in treatment, will carry out the toilet paper, send on a big help.

Liu Jia Zhou hemostasis and comfort the injured at the same time, passers-by have also come to help. Some people call 120, but if 120 rushed to the scene of the accident still need time, and hurriedly stopped a taxi; some people spontaneously formed a personal wall, avoid passing vehicles late at night and then hit the wounded; others spontaneously cleared the non motorized road obstacles, which stopped the car smoothly reverse to the injured side.

Liu Jia Zhou let the injured friends, take little brother and two other pedestrians to lift the injured, Liu Jia Zhou and take little brother together to lift the injured body, two supporting feet, another person holding the head, keep the body in the same plane, the injured taxi moved smoothly.

"the injured were covered with blood and vomit, but everyone didn't bother and helped.". Liu Jia Zhou is feeling, "although at the time the taxi driver had a moment of hesitation, but quickly agrees. "

impressed him most was that go by, Liu Jiazhou told news reporters from the purple cow, his clothes, should the United States mission, and his age, long dark skin exposed to the weather. "Takeout time is precious, and it's easy to get bad reviews.". But in order to save people, he still voluntarily stop to help. "Liu Jiazhou said. The

is not serious, at present a good recovery of

25 PM, purple cow reporter Liu Jia Zhou news of his own, "blood palm" accidentally burning and explosion accident is the circle of friends. "After the injured were taken to the hospital, I was ready to ride the electric car to leave, only to find that when holding the handle, I feel sticky, the original hand infected with the blood of the injured, so I took a picture with a cell phone as a souvenir. "

was born in 1992, Liu Jia Zhou Huaian, undergraduate student at the Nantong University School of medicine, Nantong University this year to obtain a master of medicine. Nantong University official micro also specialized publicity this "90" seniors. Although I saw their hands no person, but we have the courage to play the benevolence praise.

this is not the first time for Liu Jia zhou. He participated in the Jiangsu Province People's Hospital during the training period, met a salesman in the ward trouble, Liu Jiazhou and medical doctor Zhou Qingliang desperate to stop. The hospital teacher specially made a cake for them, and made a great commendation of "courageous and courageous Award" with cream.

it is understood that the injured night was rushed to the Nantong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine closer to the incident site

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