Vest line queen Yuan Shanshan how fat like this?

Yuan Shanshan Queen Victoria Song goddess

tanzi· 2017-09-26 17:57:17

recently, Yuan Shanshan took part in the propaganda activities of the new film "sewing machine band", and the photos taken on the spot were almost impossible to recognize. This … … is that vest line queen Yuan Shanshan?

", I really can't recognize it! Wearing casual sweater is round shouldered, his face looks very scary, the meat is wrinkled, double chin is also very obvious.

, body chart can also be clearly seen, her legs are much thicker than before, it seems really fat ah!

", "good motivational goddess"?! Where's the queen of the vest line?! Now Yuan Shanshan do not know, still dare to like before, picked up clothes, let us look at the vest line.

Lian Yue Yunpeng said she is fat, no wonder Yuan Shanshan himself to micro-blog, determined to lose weight.

" to tell the truth, Yuan Shanshan how fat or thin this topic, I think in the end and Victoria Song leg thickness as many as case. In March, she shared her 2 version of the vest line.

" but the beginning of the April, Yuan Shanshan in the "trump card" to trump the recording scene, legs thick black and short is shocked by the audience, the famous Victoria Song lady next to her thick legs are slender legs.

, Yuan Shanshan in mid April, the legs are thin, thinner than the upper figure of 10 pounds, the kind of fine.

" and then someone at the airport she was photographed without retouching, like normal girls legs well, it also seemed a bit short.

5 months to participate in activities, but also became chopsticks legs, long and thin, feel no more than 90 pounds weight.

7 said and exposes his long fat, this picture is still relatively honest, unlike the P appearance, that is indeed better than the period of a few laps round line vest.

like meat or ordinary people like, August flew again on the glowing goddess, female stars said thin thin body to wear.

9" at the beginning of the month to participate in activities, but also as thin as Tang Yan.

" that over the past more than 20 days, Yuan Shanshan became fat did not recognize aunt … &hellip

so I have a bold guess, is &hellip … Yuan Shanshan; the vest line, a few years before the training time, training put a vest line queen "in the name of each period of time? Or does she practice only the waist and not the legs?

" after Yuan Shanshan over the body, found that the female star of the weight and we are also not controllable! A chowhound is not fat? Nonexistent.

Yuan Shanshan fell from the title of the queen of the vest line, because she really liked it. This year went to Paris several times, each time to eat ice cream in the street, is not to eat Oh posing real feelings.

" is also the oil burst dinner, feeling after long a pound of meat and three kind of acne.

", a country, should eat the food should not eat again.

" at night, but also eat, this story tells us that even if you are the queen Master fitness vest line, indulge your mouth will grow fat!

" although that is the most important health, but Yuan Shanshan as an actor in the lens inside fat like this, really want to lose weight.

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