Beijing second-hand housing cold sample: 1 million 100 thousand of the price is still no one to see

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Zhang Xin real estate market has been a very popular view - "the most afraid of falling house prices is not housing prices, but the bank, because the bank is the largest creditor of housing prices, this view even once the evolution of the two industries who is to die" argument.

now, the macro-control effect appears, the first tier cities speculative buying is suppressed. Even, according to the "Securities Daily" reporter understanding, the capital house prices have been "atypical decline", the bank mortgage loans from this also carried out a "atypical" stress test".

it is worth mentioning that, taking into account the risk and income of the principle of reciprocity, the recent commercial banks to raise mortgage interest rates and banks to enhance the pressure capacity is positively related".

capital prices fell

atypical price "Securities Daily" reporter from the disclosure of certain intermediary capital part of the second-hand housing project in the first quarter of this year and the latest transaction price comparison, second-hand housing transaction price is now part of the project of similar apartment layout over a quarter highs fell about 5%-10%. As for the accuracy of the transaction price disclosure of the intermediary, the "Securities Daily" the reporter had close relatives to the investigation, 4 feedback results obtained are consistent with the "transaction price marked the real price".

"Xicheng District Maliandao a nearby second-hand housing residential broker Mr. L told reporters that" the nearest residential volume is small, the end of March and July have the same set of one bedroom apartment layout of the transaction, the transaction price in July was 4 million 250 thousand yuan. By the end of March, the net price is 4 million 700 thousand yuan, but in bank loans after the transfer, the two sides know the latest situation after all agreed to drop the price a little, after all, when buying buyers impatient, the house to hang out (listing price is 4 million 900 thousand yuan) 8 days sold. "Three rooms were in mid March this year, Daxing District

a 2012 launch of residential projects, the total price of nearly 6 million 900 thousand yuan, which is very similar to the apartment layout turnover in June this year, the price fell to less than 6 million 200 thousand yuan. The end of the first quarter of the

transaction records of a district in Fengtai District, the first quarter of this year than the pen housing transaction price reached 92 thousand yuan / square meters or more, and in August this year, the transaction price fell to less than 88 thousand yuan / square meters.

"I began selling in March this year, the initial listing price 7 million 600 thousand yuan, the lowest closing psychological price is 7 million 200 thousand yuan, June met someone bid 6 million 800 thousand yuan, because I was not vacate funding pressure to agree to sell, but now my heart is expected to have dropped to the lowest 6 million 500 thousand yuan, but it is still much to sit down and talk fewer people, Chaoyang District Near East five a planning wards of the owners told reporters.

it is the reason that Beijing is atypical decline, because the reporter did not use the full sample data, the above case is the selection of second-hand housing projects from different regions in Beijing city were observed.

and the National Bureau of statistics released data show that in August of this year, the first tier cities housing prices continued to decline, Beijing second-hand housing prices fell by 0.9% in July, or 4 consecutive months, the country's first. According to media reports, Albert I love my home group vice president Hu Jinghui said that since May 4 months, Beijing's second-hand housing transaction price and the "3 - 17 New Deal" before compared to the drop of about 10%, especially the "non ordinary high price, large-sized apartment suburbs and exurbs through residential average price decline more. "

bank mortgage bearing capacity limit of

due to the leverage characteristics of natural mortgage business, the price fluctuations of the bearing capacity of natural and Shoufu ratio, the proportion of business, gross margin is highly relevant.

from the Shoufu ratio, the capital of the first suite of mortgage loans usually require a down payment of 30%, part of the purchase of illegal add leverage, through consumer loans, housing mortgage loan and other forms of increased leverage, the fluctuation of housing price affordability is obviously lower than the compliance customers for such violations as newspaper reported on September 5th. Regulators have no mercy for such added leverage behavior: Beijing Banking Bureau, the business management department of the people's Bank of the evening of September 5th have jointly issued the "business management department of Beijing Banking Bureau on line bank personal loan funds into the real estate market inspection notice", the requirements of banking institutions within their respective jurisdictions for personal business in Beijing City loans and consumer loans to carry out self-examination work, focus on examination of the housing loan against other funds into the real estate market situation.

for the banking industry overall situation, Ping An Securities day before the release of the "China real estate depth Research Report" that house prices fell by 20% will bring enormous pressure to the banking sector, the real estate industry risk once the outbreak, agricultural firms and joint-stock banks will bear the brunt of the state-owned commercial bank anti risk ability. All kinds of bank risk level ranking is: five line

report estimated that by the first half of 2017, China's commercial banks involved in housing loans in the total size of the scale of about 43 trillion and 300 billion yuan, accounting for 37.8% of the loan balance, accounting for 25.5% of total bank assets. Among them, the individual housing loans 20 trillion and 100 billion, real estate development loans 7 trillion and 800 billion yuan, 1 trillion and 800 billion yuan of other real estate loans, real estate as collateral for other loans 13 trillion and 600 billion yuan. If house prices appear on a large scale

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