Scenery of unlimited glass plank road, but let people sad behind


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" in the appalling altitude, the path along the cliff is another stunning building.

if you look at how Chinese workers build cliffs along the cliffs, it must be a different feeling in your mind.

today's "plank road" has become a major scenic spots of key recommendations. The government

Pingjiang County of Hunan Province, vigorously support the construction of the path along the cliff in sheer precipice and overhanging rocks attract a tourist, to promote the local tourism industry.

" and a plank road, building class= "img_box" id= miracle

< /p> [Hunan Pingjiang Road, the protagonist of the

below] However, repair plank workers, working in several hundred meter high cliff when no security, no safety rope, only wood, trolleys and rusty scaffolding and other simple tools.

", this is a plank road construction team from Hunan and Jiangxi, a line of 21 people. Their experience is very rich, Hunan and Jiangxi and many other scenic spots along the cliff from their hands.

" in the construction of an average altitude of about 400 meters, a total length of nearly 1 kilometers of the path along the cliff cliff in Hunan Pingjiang shiniuzhai, great difficulty in construction.

" one of the men walking on the edge of the cliff, no safety rope is shoulder heavy. The operation time of

workers every day is 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., everyone has their own tasks, daily 300-400 yuan.

on rainy days, the workers have to stay at home until the weather turns fine.

" back to the workers built in the mountains of Hunan and Jiangxi's workers because of different tastes can separate cooking.

" here, the biggest entertainment is playing cards. Also because of less entertainment, the workers at around 6 in the evening will be crowded in a room less than 10 square meters to sleep.

" [workers on the shelves, the shelf is a security] their

ground operations can be used in the repair of large machinery, are all the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs along the cliff by manpower.

a plank construction process: scaffolding - beam - reinforced anchorage - hit export - template cloth - cast concrete formwork - gluten - welded steel guardrail and cement - - color - anchor, 13 steps.

even if the weather is fine, one day only can advance 20 meters.

" in the road construction, it is necessary to consider the area of planning, but also according to the terrain, find a reasonable path along the cliff line. In the absence of safety protection, the

workers were standing on the scaffolding beside the cliff, just the first step in the road.

drilling and scaffolding engineering industry is the highest risk factor in road work.

in the field of construction, construction personnel Zhang Jingfa like "Spider Man" general hanging on the cliff, he first hit a shallow hole with drill, drill rod and chiseling rock deep hole, hit 1.2 meters.

", a gust of wind blowing, he would swing in the wind.

has got used to it, and it's not that scary when it comes to security. Now there are two children to go to school, along the boardwalk, income is good, I am the only economic pillar of the family. "Zhang Jingfa said nothing.

these road plank workers rarely talk, every moment attentively attentively living in the hands, foot road.

53 years old bamboo is the oldest of these boardwalk workers, he is responsible for transporting cement and sand, each pushing nearly a hundred pounds of sand walking on the cliff.

he said that he was most afraid of rain, rain, along the cliff road can not be built, so that it will not be paid.

two workers are pouring concrete path on the "img_box"

workers at an altitude of nearly 400 meters cliff high-altitude

workers without safety situation next, standing on the thin board, rely on their own balance of road construction.

workers carry heavy planks, push carts full of concrete, and transport materials needed to build roads through thousands of feet (1 feet of =0.3048 meters) of air.

" construction workers, not only as a safety rope, safety helmet safety protection

" is a large part of Mufu mountains
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Scenery of unlimited glass plank road, but let people sad behind


Scenery of unlimited glass plank road, but let people sad behind