Man peeping woman bathing, said, "the sound of the shower makes people restless.""

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Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Yu Xuan Gu Yuansen) the evening of September 24th, who lives in Nanjing, a District Core Bridge Linda (pseudonym) is in the bathroom, they washed, suddenly heard her husband Liu shouted "catch rogue, then heard the corridor came with the sound. Originally, Linda husband heard movement outside, locked the door and looked at the cat, and found a strange man was on the staircase handrails at his wife bath, Liu immediately out of their uniforms and call the police.

the police map after the alarm, the police rushed to the small Ling home, she found that he never thought is still suffering from the shock, the bath will be peeping. Although they live in the old district, the housing construction is not reasonable, but because the window is relatively high, I always think that no problem.

night, Linda shortly after taking a bath, her husband Liu has heard the door seemed to ring, he glanced at the cat's eye, found the door was a shadow hanging in the air "". Immediately gather up to look carefully, and found a man is stepping on the staircase railing to peek inside his bathroom, Liu immediately opened the door, shouting, catch hooligans. Is the bathroom shower Linda heard neither fast nor slow husband in the window shouting "Voyeur", dressed in a hurry to run out, saw her husband and son have a strange man in uniform, Linda immediately alarm.

after investigation, Zhang Mou to own peep Xiao Ling to bathe the fact confessed. According to a chapter confession, that night to go out to walk the dog, suddenly the puppy out of the rope ran out, in the district after looking for a circle did not harvest, and then along the unit door one household a careful search. When he got to the third floor corridor, see Linda home toilet lamp lit inside, accompanied by the clatter of the sound of water, mood.according inner restlessness, evil heart to a feast. As the district window is relatively high, a chapter of the head is relatively small, and then climb up the stairs handrails, body half tilt, lying on the window, through the window to look inside. Who knows, just lying on the window did not wait to see what is inside, Zhang was found by Xiao Ling's husband caught.

currently, Zhang has violated the privacy of others, the police were punished by law and order. Meanwhile, the police reminded the public: when the public bath at home, be sure to close the doors and windows, pull good curtains, to prevent privacy leaks, but also to do security measures, so as not to give criminals opportunities.

(edit Yu Shuang)

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