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tongzhuangliuxingqushi· 2017-09-27 05:43:34

is one of the new ways of life for young parents today! Home has Meng treasure, how can not sun? Just like the American bearded father Sholom, the original camera would not take the unusual way in his daughter after the birth, even the daughter "into" his pictures of props, novelty funny sun baby photos, instantly let him suck powder countless!

used to love funny Sholom, each camera display their creative behavior of ~

now has a "jacket", Sholom continue to develop their own funny spirit! How to see

regardless of others, wearing a ballet skirt and hula, her daughter, is a dance improvisation "img_box ~

state is still confused daughter, did not know this strange Dad doing...

" dance and a fancy ~

together with the baby "" class= "img_box" id= cake

baby Baba is "biological weapons"!

" leisure time also do not forget to do a "haircut" ~

or Sholom with more daughter role play ~

looked at the newspaper watering the "flower"

" into the wild adventures, found the "Lion"!

" is the father daughter "delicious chicken" ~

[say you may not believe that these graffiti is the daughter of "masterpiece"!

" ahem, illegal parking, please show your "Id" ~

" when the hard gardener met the dwarf

to cook fire, firefighters!

family raised only "little monkey", take her to buy her favorite banana ~

"sushi" and small sushi, which is more delicious?

draw a ship for the father who is about to go to sea!

camping encounter "big bear", really scared!

" show! Dad, look at the wonderful magic show, "wind" sound into a "little rabbit"!

" to see so many creative and funny photos, Xiaobian have to admire the unique creative! Sholom also said it would continue to shoot such a photograph with her daughter until her daughter grew up, I believe this is my father gave her daughter the best gift, ~

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