Huang Xiaoming Baby becomes China's most profitable star couple

Huang Xiaoming run man golf Yang Mi

tanzi· 2017-09-27 07:36:46

recently, "Forbes" published the "2017 China hundred celebrity income list."".

baby Huang Xiaoming and his wife, with 310 million annual income, proudly live in the "most profitable star CP" top of the list, dark poke into China's most profitable star couple. Fan Bingbing, Li Chen and his wife followed, ranked second, and Yang Mi and Hawick Lau were third.

although Fan Ye in personal wealth list top, but reluctantly by Li Chen drag behind.

and Yang Mi Hawick Lau, third, are also dragging their legs.

" the results published, immediately someone Ming Chao allusion baby and Huang Xiaoming's acting sorry they earn money.

called it "the worst acting, the highest paid"

" but we really think star paycheck will be linked with acting? That's too young. Rather than acting, there is a called commercial value is what determines the income of the key, very simple ~

baby before the "reward" and "not alone" gods legend's performance really let everyone disappointed.

" but don't forget that baby is a big coffee variety, although 2016 has been pregnant, but she not only traditionally participated in the "running man" of the shooting, also made a cameo appearance in the "trump card" on the ACE program, a variety of endorsements, appearance nonstop, can be said to be very hard.

was a lot of fans distressed baby's body, but when you know the baby "running man" appearance fees 10 million, when any endorsement is also qianwanji, will stop the distressed baby body, have distressed from his wallet.

" this is just a baby, or a private investor, the establishment of venture capital fund AB Capital, support entrepreneurial companies.

" so, look, not only can Zhao Wei play play investment capital, not only the tea sister will vote Uber, baby is a pioneer in the venture investment. Of course,

baby also has its own store, she and director Chen Guohui, the investment of almost $four million, in Hongkong, Tongluowan Nathan Road, Mong Kok opened three stores are all in Japanese Western-style food, gold position, store style is like this.

" on the other side of her husband Huang Xiaoming is not caught, since 2005, Huang Xiaoming has topped the list for eleven consecutive years, including 8 times in the first mainland niche.

do not be surprised, initially in 2009 Huayi Brothers listed, Huang Xiaoming made 3 million 600 thousand of the original stock of the first pot of gold, in other words, others are one of Huayi shareholders! What's wrong with playing your own movies?

", after the establishment of their own studio, began a variety of investment. Not just film and television, equities, real estate, health care, wine, dining, golf, and places to invest, he's almost gone.

Huang Xiaoming not only vote, almost every vote will. Don't look at the Yellow Sect in the recent "restaurant" in the performance of adorable adorable, in the investment banking circle but very sophisticated. Compared to a few days ago investment girlfriends cheated Yang Lele husband and wife, wise, I do not know how much.

, take a look at the golf club that Huang Xiaoming invested in.

Huang Xiaoming investment manager so that Hot pot.

and Li Bingbing et al. The establishment of venture capital funds.

, Huang Xiaoming's overbearing president, role &hellip, … at this point, it seems really pleasing to the eye.

" this is really not surprising why Huang Xiaoming baby can in the most profitable star CP first, when not filming, Huang Xiaoming will spend time in the analysis on how to invest.

is like holly, a Chinese partner, who eventually became a Chinese partner from an English teacher".

, the Chinese partner, is an identity that is only for Huang Xiaoming

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