Comprehensive screen red rice 5 Plus exposure front dual speakers

Millet Xiaolong micro-blog exposure

ITzhijia· 2017-10-10 11:38:16

digital news Tencent (blue) with the new machine MEE7 and MET7 not yet released millet obtained 3C certification and radio type approval, printing also came to full screen new red rice machine upcoming news. Now, there are users in the micro-blog released 5 red suspected spy photos of the Plus, once again confirmed will adopt a comprehensive screen design, rumored to be equipped with 450 Xiaolong processor may be the official debut in October 16th or the 17 day, as the price is rumored to be 999 yuan, and has become one of the most expensive full screen mobile phone. Red rice

5 Plus 5 Plus

spy photos leaked after the red rice had the box as being exposed, then the network and the emergence of the so-called real machine spy, seems to have adopted a comprehensive screen design, the back is vertical and the dual camera has a fingerprint unlock module. However, according to the user @ red leaves broke, red rice Plus spy actual PS red rice Note 4X, and Sir digital micro blogger @ Li drying out of a mysterious new spy aircraft, there may be the legendary red rice Plus 5.

compared with past exposure of the spy photos, the new machine @ micro digital Li Sir leaked looks in the shape of more innovative, more special place in addition to have a double speaker layout, the forehead part of the mobile phone is relatively wide, the whole body also appears to be relatively smooth, give people a "reverse. Millet MIX2" feeling, seems to mean more millet full screen family design.

720p full screen

of course, it is not clear the authenticity of the so-called red rice 5Plus spy. But some of the specifications of the aircraft configuration information is still slightly heard, rumored that the machine will be produced by Wen Tai foundry, equipped with 5.7 inches 720p display, and is likely to carry the opportunity to Xiaolong 450 processor. The main feature is the use of 14 nanometer process, and compared with the Hexagon 546 DSP equipped with Xiaolong 400 series DSP 5 times faster, and supports the highest 13 million pixel dual cameras, USB3.0 and QC3.0 fast charge.

" in addition, micro-blog certified as assistant to the president Taiwen Thai Polytron Technologies Inc news @ Deng Anming MING had also been in micro-blog out a section map, display resolution is 720× 1440, also is to have 2:1 or 18:9 aspect the proportion seems to confirm the previously mentioned 5 red rice Plus will be equipped with 720p full screen, and the Wen Tai foundry production statement.


in mid October release some unfortunately, other related specifications are not clear 5 red rice Plus, including the camera parameters and the combination of storage, but considering the machine for full screen design's sake, so what should not post the fingerprint to unlock the suspense. At the same time, based on the positioning of red rice series, is expected to provide 3GB, RAM+32GB, ROM, and 4GB, RAM+32GB/64GB, ROM storage portfolio.

" at present, there has been a new machine MET7 and MEE7 two models for radio type approval and certification 3C Millet's, with the charger model with red rice 4X models such as the same, support 5V/2A output, but still can not confirm whether 5 or 5 red rice red rice Plus. As for everyone concerned about the timing of the release, now that is hearsay will officially debut in October 16th or 17 days, or the price is 999 yuan, while red rice Note 5 will meet with us in the next month, but the authenticity of the message has yet to be confirmed.

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