The platform run away so that the investment on the godfather rejection pan Lei?

Finance investors Shandong ordinary people

tengxuncaijing· 2017-10-10 11:38:43

today, No. 9, "double section" after the first day of work, the family friends still okay? Anyway, the home brother almost overslept, the motherland mother's birthday, how hot it is almost over, well, I hope the motherland mother once again on the Lunar birthday, oh, 7 days of the Gregorian calendar is not enough to express my love for you!

" before a problem Lara wealth, pit investment NPC hard-earned money, do not know whether the subsequent return of investor money, his father has thrown pot wait state ".

@ nine, Ling Yuan, the shy church uncle: analysis is not in place, blame others, platform released information, they do not go to verify, in a word, blame me slightly!

@zero76: now P2P explosion Leitaiduo, did not dare to vote, now only ofcollection investment, the balance of treasure money to stay.

@ on the net loan career: indeed investment platform as pheasant stocks, small investment platform (except United States) as a stock index fund investment! Don't know when I said no!

@ small red hat, cold aunt: in fact, the most likely thunder is state-owned. No matter wholly owned or controlled, equity participation. State owned ray of the whole throw pot, you dare not go to rights, or else go to eat jail rice.

@ Temple main narcissism two aunt Pauline: my idea is the same, basically all the retreat, not to play, simply put in the bank, the heart hanging lamps provided all day. My cousin

@ qiuchuji: rational allocation of assets; no one platform can do 100% to control the risk of investment, people have heard a word, both benefits and risks, the higher the income, the greater the risk.

@ trefoil: who did not evolve from an ordinary person, the point is that you do not go to learn, P2P although ray, but the loss of funds accounted for relative to other investment is not high!

@" black king: since it is why shareholders do not participate in the operation, why thunder didn't stay out, now it has nothing to do with you, only a fool to believe.

@qzuser: the most unreliable is the so-called state-owned assets. In the basis of the Lara wealth to run, and the whole a Phaeton holdings, its business and Internet banking. The 100% holdings, which day, if you run again, the iron base is not crying again, I was cheated?

@ Kyushu (600998, Guba) CT: the last word is like farting. Plainly, which platform is possible, ray?. Always walk by the river. Where can I get wet shoes?. Don't bring home shoes. Stay a little more at home. It doesn't matter if you wet a couple of pairs.

@" blue face narcissistic cousin: This is not all! SOE scam! Before the bank and collusion scams! Make the platform your home! You can borrow as much as you like! High evaluation! Multi loan! Before the bank money collusion, when their own home! Ma Yun said a word: "the bank does not change, we change the bank."! 1: countries to reform the financial sector: banks! Bank loans: previously borrowed new, still old! High evaluation! Multi loan! Some enterprises also do not return loans directly! Shamelessly! Some places, state-owned banks, joint-stock banks and other banks also set up small treasuries! Loan out! 2: reform banking! Important point: when the enterprise loan expires, all the funds must be returned to the head office of the provincial bank! For example, the Construction Bank of Shandong Province headquarters, Agricultural Bank of China Shandong headquarters, Bank of China Shandong headquarters, Everbright Bank, Shandong provincial headquarters and other enterprises to avoid borrowing new old! Avoid businesses not paying back the money! Interest is paid annually! The principal will not be paid back! 3: reform Loans: corporate loans: high valuation, multi loan! Asset fiction! The enterprise does not repay the money! Caused a large number of bad debts in the country's banking sector! 4: reforms local state-owned banks and joint-stock banks, commonly known as branches! Only the right to submit enterprise information, there is no right to loan! After the enterprise loans all provincial headquarters management! Local banks have no right to lend money! Avoid local state-owned banks, joint-stock banks, and so on to set up their own small treasuries! Secretly colluding with enterprises to cheat loans! Especially local banks, provinces and municipalities! County! Town! Branches seriously colluding with enterprises to cheat loans!

@ I want to fish: comprehensive ranking, bank depository, China Association members, scattered small, professional executives, is also the ordinary people can play! Those who can not play "ordinary people" is not just a fool to see it, that is, speculative gamblers!

@ you really naive Xian uncle Grandma: never believe that the state-owned assets investment of more than a dozen without a majority of state-owned assets, management confusion, there are benefits for breaking more personnel than work available, head out of trouble on you for CEOs, mutually making excuses, also do not know who.

@ Ruanxiaoqi too vigorous and unrestrained milk: believe that P2P is Chinese financial characteristics, he is a means of financing, and in the basis of civil usury. Every investment has risks, and the ability to control risks is the key to the platform. On the platform, the subject of transparency, dispersion of products, the main direction of the credit cycle collocation, the stability of the team, there are no investment involved, the web interface has no style, in order to consider the ability of the platform. Interest rates are the root of risk for themselves

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