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the weather is so good, it's time for the fall. May have a lot of friends want to take this opportunity to arrange a walk away, but worried about taking the baby travel, do not know whether the baby can adapt to, as well as a variety of security problems.

in fact, as long as the schedule is good, in advance to do all the preparatory work, with the baby travel is not a very difficult thing. Today, Xiao Bian to share some experience with the baby driving trip, suitable for children around 1 years of age, 3 years of age.

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first, travel should be in accordance with the schedule to arrange the usual baby. Baby rest well, will not cry, also have the energy to play. A nap can sleep in the car, but it is not recommended to burn the midnight oil.

secondly, preparations begin around the four points of "basic necessities of life".

dressing problem is still better to solve, just need to travel according to the weather conditions of the destination to prepare. So, before you pack your bags, don't forget to check the local weather forecast for a week. Accommodation is also easy to handle, choose a better hotel, inn, and then choose a room suitable for a family to live with, for example, a large bed room or a baby bed.

, the following focuses on the two aspects of safe eating and safe travel.

travel than other public transport car, not only in time and travel rhythm can freely control, more convenient, such as when the journey to change the baby's diaper, a milk, you can always find a parking spot to stop. But self driving tour, there is one thing we must pay attention to, that is, security problems, we must prepare for the baby safety seat for children. Don't sit for the baby, should prepare the safety basket.

said the diet, taking into account the health problem, Xiaobian recommend that you take a stew, beaker, baby bowl and spoon. After all, the baby's resistance is weak. Moreover, if the baby is still young, it is impossible to eat the same thing as adults. When you go out, take a small portion of your food and recharge it locally.

believes everyone has heard about the sanitation of the kettle in the hotel room. Maybe it's just a matter of probability, but it's essential to bring a kettle for safety. And the thermos cup.

to the destination, treasure mother treasure dad naturally is to take the baby around the play. The baby's energy is limited, go a long time, may be adults to hold. Can always hold, is the individual force live. At this time, according to the baby's age, the preparation of carts / straps, waist stool, etc., can definitely make you a lot easier.

busy for half a year, it should be a pleasant vacation trip, Bao Po mom, Dad ready? Welcome to share messages to share with the baby travel experience.

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