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the United States "defense news" website reported on October 9th, the Ge Corp announced that the company developed the first "future affordable turbine engine" to complete the test, the engine may be the main power of American Heavy helicopters in the future. It is said that the new engine, codenamed FATE, has greatly improved its performance compared to active engines. According to GE company announced that the power of the engine can reach 3700-7500 kilowatts, fuel consumption decreased by 35%, cost reduction of 45%, power and weight ratio increased by 80%. At the same time, the company also announced their new T901 engine test is successful, the engine power is small, suitable for AH-64 and UH-60 helicopters, can make the load of the two helicopters, more than double the range of double.

FATE engine the future may become active force of a similar size of C-130 vertical STOL aircraft (source: Game screenshot) "img_box"

Ge FATE (first published photographs of the prototype source: Official Website of Ge Corp)

Ge aviation branch turboshaft engine department general manager, vice president Harry Natis said in a statement: "the first full test of the FATE engine brings a surprising result in the test run more than 40 hours, it realizes the main design goal of all, we collected. 1000 stable states and transitions Status data points. This low risk test engine is a critical step in our production and performance demonstration. "

Ge Airlines plans to start testing second FATE engines next year. The goal of the

FATE project is to develop an engine with a power level of 5000-10000 kW (3728-7457 kW), and the US Army believes that the next generation of rotorcraft requires a new engine of this power. The engine will also be required to perform more efficiently in high altitude and hot weather, and to substantially increase range and life.

according to the requirements of the military, compared with the active engine, FATE engine should reduce fuel consumption by 35%, production and maintenance costs reduced by 45%. In addition, the army requires a 80% increase in its power to weight ratio and a 20% increase in design life. (observer network note, the U.S. active duty and FATE engine is used in the CH-53K T408 engine, the power to weight ratio of 11.2 kW / kg, the total power of 7500 shaft horsepower 5600 kW)

Ge aviation and advanced turbine engine company - Platt Whitney and the Honey Well Company jointly set up a branch, is the FATE project in 2011 the selected contractor announced two.

GE airways began testing its first FATE engine since last year, and began testing compressors, combustion chambers, and turbine assemblies in 2015.

Ge aviation company also announced that, in the past six months, they completed the self financing in the development of T901 engine, the engine will be entering the "advanced turbine engine project" (ITEP) is an important step in the next stage. The

ITEP, like the FATE, is the next generation of the U.S. Army's helicopter power program, which aims to provide new power for the AH-64 Apache and the UH-60 black hawk.

General Electric Airlines was awarded a $102 million contract in 2016 for 24 months, and the US military will review the T901 engine next year under contract. At the end of the review, the army will select one of its products from general motors and advanced turbine companies to enter the production development phase.

Ge T901 engine (source: Ge Corp official website)

install the T901 engine, "Black Hawk" helicopter carrying weight increased by 150%, increased by 161%, the voyage AH-64 "Apache" blank time increased by 115% to 133%, the voyage (photo: General Electric official website screenshot)

General Electric said the test experiments of T901 is very smooth, the effect than expected.

also said that on the ITEP project, the company has raised $300 million for the development of T901 engines.

" from the American Black Hawk helicopters and T700 engine now, after 20 years of efforts, China has finally developed domestic 1600 kW engine, and T700 type is similar to the late. Now a new generation of engines in the United States has emerged, China's helicopter engine development has a new goal (source: aviation industry website) observer exclusive articles

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