Fifteen million yuan to sell the Colonel? Joint military seized two counterfeit Colonel general

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zhongguojunshiwang· 2017-10-10 11:45:40

15 million, can be awarded the rank of Colonel? Dare to say this big talk, must be a liar.

days ago, CCTV disclosure of such fake military major fraud. From July to October this year, the Central Military Commission, the political and Law Commission and the Security Bureau jointly with the Ministry of Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation, in the nationwide crack down on fake military crimes special action. The ad hoc group in Beijing hall, on the spot seized two fake strategic support troops "general" and "".

" in this figure are WeChat public number: China military network

" the two counterfeit officers, the implementation of fraud to special local talent to the army in the name of. The suspects confessed, in early 2016, a self proclaimed "army general" and "loyal guards foundation secretary general, responsible for the special work of local talent, said: as long as a donation of 15 million yuan, can be directly recruited to officers, and awarded the rank of colonel.

"Colonel" counterfeit female mobile phone, also exist in a colonel military photo.

" in the "general" of the male name card written ", loyal guards of special fund" a few words, name card printed on the name "Li Zheng", as "secretary general", and leave the phone, address, website etc..

found by inquiry, the site is now unable to login. The address of Beijing, Chaoyang District, printed on the business card, is displayed as a guild hall.

in addition to this outfit, the task force was still in the counterfeit officer's residence, and seized more than 10 boxes of false uniforms. According to the TV screen, they also prepared a number of badges, uniforms, badges, badge buttons etc..

" in fact, posing as soldiers, the case is not isolated cases. In the 3 months since the special operations were carried out, more than 270 officers and men have been arrested in the whole country. Seized counterfeit military equipment, from various types of simulation guns, to false uniforms, false signs and printed with "military special" signs of all kinds of goods more than 15000.

" in another posing as soldiers in the case of a "yellow Changqing" fake "in the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau deputy director arrested. His false documents, from the "Shandong Qingdao", "to the rank of major general".

" reports, such the fake military crimes, are generally under the guise of civil military integration, national defense project, military engineering, national defense education activities related to military. That was a trickster.

" from the judicial perspective, this occurred in place of fraud, why dispatched Military Commission politics and Law Committee Security Bureau to handle a case?

" Yang Zhanwu explained, "criminals are generally local personnel, in accordance with the jurisdiction, should be the public security organs to jurisdiction. However, he is a counterfeit army units, counterfeit soldiers, and really go on, but also need to closely cooperate with the army. Therefore, the fight against such crimes is inseparable from the army and must be closely co operated. "

"deputy director of the Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau Chen Shiqu also said: we in conjunction with the security departments of the army, the organization to carry out joint combat operations, destroying a number of counterfeit military criminal gangs, the future will continue to increase the intensity of work.

in recent years, the illegal and criminal activities, posing as fake fake military uniforms is repeated. It is reported that before the CCTV, the military joint destroyed 8 dens selling fake uniforms.

" they do particularly large, the goods sold in the country, not only stores, also online sale. Many sellers share a IP, forming gangs.

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