Behind the TapTap 9.2 points, what kind of design and marketing skills does the game use?

Dare to fight showdown game game player Shanghai

youxiputao· 2017-10-10 11:48:04

in today's Mobile Games field, a high quality two dimension IP can bring good desorption ability as a product, but has the high quality IP, also need some other advantages to the success of the product.

in April this year, Namco Bandai (Shanghai) and Kai Ying network jointly issued the "dare to declare" confrontation "Mobile Games, this product has a score of 9.2 in the recent Taptap test.

" as a classic and more inclined to attribute the pan two dimensional IP, Gundam IP has many derivatives, which are also Mobile Games products. In these have reached IP products, "dare to" confrontation "to obtain TapTap 9.2 points in the test phase, to a certain extent and continued to listen to suggestions and keep the game player a high degree of concern about the user.

abandon the krypton gold card game, game player

"dare to listen to feedback to give up" duel card battle, SD model, and the rare collection of "Khorium model", at the same time, A canceled S, B, C level set, it will weaken the performance differences between the body. This makes more balance between the 0 krypton krypton gold game player and game player, athletics becomes high.

in addition, the game from the side guide to develop their favorite game player "dare", from the skill level, component collocation, combination and operation technicians even improve the game experience etc..

" in time to build, due to the "Gundam" game world is huge, so have the Gundam IP game set often appears to be more "routine". In order to avoid the occurrence of routine, "dare to choose" commander duel game player feedback for development ideas, constantly introduce new "popular" body.

at the same time, this game allows action shooting PVP play, and continue to listen to the players feedback, modify the content, in balance, a sense of attack on the constant attempt.

" last line of lead exposure, game player concern

in addition to the game itself content, "dare to do" duel commander operations and a series of promotional strategies under the line. In general, when the game is tested and online, it usually has a "blank" period, and the player's attention will be reduced over time. In this period of time, this product chose to continue to maintain publicity, so as to maintain user attention. For the first time in the closed end of the test and the second test closed before the start of this gap, "dare to contend" chose the double promotion between online and offline strategy.

7 15, "commander" duel Gundam first appeared in the Guangzhou firefly cartoon carnival games, and was held at the same time Ace Pilots recruiting game. At the carnival, the game was demonstrated on the live screen, as viewers showed the quality of the game itself. At the same time, the game also released a new version of the two test content, including the upcoming update of the new airframe, force shooting, gameplay and many other content.

2017ChinaJoy" Namco Bandai (Shanghai) exhibition

10 1, "dare to duel" and came to Shanghai. This time, the official convened the industry's more well-known fans dare to make up all star, together at the scene to demonstrate this product. Including the well-known Gundam model editor, former occupation player Longfei, panda live anchor anchor small house, eight car, marbled cat gamersky.

"Gundam" commander of duel line activities in the two test gap period, in the fast pace of market Mobile Games keep fans of the game a certain degree of attention, to avoid unnecessary loss of game player and challenge. Baidu index shows that the "Gundam" duel commander user group in Guangzhou and Shanghai are covered, and the two place is two "dare to contend" duel activities under the line of the city, through word-of-mouth fans, received considerable attention forward, this kind of operation strategy is also provided the quality of the user is quite down to earth from the communication channel for the game campaign.

" suddenly broke new gameplay and star effect makes the game a good topic in micro-blog, which also increases the exposure of the product itself. Compared to the line wide publicity, "dare to contend for battle" two dimensional game player gathering activities under the line attack now seems obviously more effective.

in general, "the content and operation of continuous heat and products to the commander of confrontation" is not a small relationship, precise marketing strategy also brings high cost of communication. In fact, this game is not in the early large-scale advertising, during that time, R & D team is more listen to the core players fans feedback suggestions. In the gap, the product moves through the offline marketing strategy to maintain the player's constant attention to the game, while the team continues to update it through the player's feedback

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