People buy "Big Dipper" play "Hokuto no Ken"

In one game Hokuto no Ken big game player.

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-10-10 11:48:26

SEGA will launch in February 22, 2018 of the "Beidou" game who discloses the latest intelligence, in this game, game player can play the classic platform action game "Hokuto no Ken"!

" the game player can play the "SEGA Mark" is the fist of the North Star III platform version, want to play the game if you want to explore in the "Beidou" in wilderness. While exploring, players can find consoles and arcade games and take them back to the city of Eden, where they can play.

" in addition, this can also be used as a security guard to go to nightclubs, Hokuto no Ken to help massage, steel hammer fly drive party, with special skills to participate in the competition in the wine, racing in the desert...... Small game content

" for the very rich, perhaps after the game we can see more on sale.

in addition, the game will also released a "world at the end of Premium Edition, this version of the game player can buy the fist four Lang appearance replaced Tong Sheng a horse, because both the voice is the same person, so there is no sense of violation......

" for the

source: inside-games

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