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9 28, a new MMORPG NetEase "Chu Liuxiang" opened the latest round of testing, but before the test, have been eligible to receive beta grape Jun participated in the experience. From the point of view the subject, before the NetEase launched MMO products are almost Xian Xia, and "Chu Liuxiang" should be NetEase for the first time in MMO this category to martial arts works (before the martial arts theme Mobile Games are not MMO).

" in accordance with the previous impression of our NetEase MMO, usually has two characteristics: one is high quality, two is a dragon. Grape king some experience down, "Chu Liuxiang" maintained a consistent level of quality in NetEase. In addition, although the game claims that there is no one dragon, and it is not so obvious dragon style daily design, but still can see some of the shadow.

but in this game, the NetEase is made a breakthrough in the gameplay design, take daily, "Chu Liuxiang" made a new pattern, and the previous MMO products showed great difference. In addition, the experience that grape Jun feels most during the experience is another point mentioned in the propaganda: high degree of freedom.

said here that the degree of freedom and our common sandbox game freedom, "Chu Liuxiang" is more emphasis on social freedom, and not what we normally think of the social game player game player, but the game player in the game with NPC interactive social. Different types of NPC in the game have different personality characteristics and attitude performance. When interacting with all kinds of NPC, the deepest feeling is that "every NPC is the essence of drama"". Different types of

NPC, has the character and the character Jianghu status, identity matching, interact in the game player and NPC, different types of NPC have different actions, such as pengci, shualai, or yiyanbuge began, with the game itself to express the martial arts, this makes the game fun arena, the world seems more vivid, more immersive. Grape Jun was in beta, do not do the task does not upgrade, special running map, looking for a variety of NPC stubble, and never tired of. Note: the

grape Jun as a MMO, "Chu Liuxiang" game play very much, an article is not completely introduced, grape he only chose one of the more interesting interpretation.

do the tricks and interesting daily play

to tell the truth, just entering the game, although it may still untested version of inclusion optimization, nearly 2 of the size of the G resources but grape Jun was "Chu Liuxiang" package to jump.

" but after officially entered the game, the game screen displayed by quality, indeed worthy of inclusion of such size. At the beginning of the game, the creation of characters interface, has shown a full martial arts wind, and the details of the performance is also done in place. For example, when you choose a female role, you can also zoom in on the scene......

", "class=", "as can not be described," to experience. Well, but grape Jun upright

in NetEase products in the past, the most impressive quality is good enough, "Chu Liuxiang" retained the characteristics of NetEase at this point. No wonder for such a no end of the tour IP heritage Mobile Games products, can let the game player to issue such a voice in Post Bar:

" out of curiosity, but also a treasure to grape Jun look up, you feel. There is no end swim IP details plus hand travel, but also delete files test activation code, can fry to this degree is extremely rare.

" although the game is based on his classic martial arts novel adapted from IP, but the whole story, not entirely in accordance with the original story, but the story of the original content, so to read the original game player, do not have to worry about no story watch. The game plot more or according to the various characters in the original novel character to arrange Ta bear in the characters in the story, and did not destroy the original relationship between the characters (for details, no spoilers here, you are only a beta version of grape experience to chapter third). For example, the original

hero of the "post" and the confidante Xiangshuai Chu, Su Rongrong, game player will meet with in the plot, have strong relationship, and a few characters together to promote the development of the whole story.

" in the game of Chu and Su Rongrong < /p>

NetEase in foreign propaganda, to the point of the game is "not mentioned

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