Take the dog into the grocery store for food by the boss poured boiling water.

The boss food stores boiling water friends

chengdoushangbao· 2016-05-12 05:51:36

when reporters came to the door of Jiang Qian" features "Roasted Duck sisters take food shop, the boss is ready to ride out. Talking about things that happened on that day, all of a sudden, the shop owner on the anger, "a into our store, not to over the garbage can is to next to the pot and get something to eat. "Shop owner said, dog a month before the start, almost every day can run to take the greengrocer's, not only affect the health, also let the already wide shop is more and more crowded," a even put the duck pot we pulled out, we hurried over countless times, but get rid of again. "Next to a vendor to reporters confirmed that several times, dog knocked over the store trash, even the garbage, plastic bags together mouth to the roadside outside the shop.

poured boiling water at noon that day, a few customers came in to see the dog in the shop to find food, while saying that there is a dog unsafe, while turning left, so I do not have a business to do business. "Take the greengrocer's boss admitted is turned to the customer and to leave the scene, let him flustered, easily scoop the poured boiling water, poured to the dog. < p > a week, Qian Jiang repeatedly dog burns a door-to-door looking for take the greengrocer's boss, but the other refused to negotiate, do not want to take any responsibility. Yesterday, under Jiang Qian reluctantly chose the alarm, but the police to the scene to understand the situation, suggested that the two sides negotiated settlement. < p > according to the Chengdu city raise dog management regulations "provisions, raises the dog person shall be of a dog tied to raise or captive, proper management of dogs," dodo "influence others to live a normal life, Jiang Qian should take effective measures to stop, but unfortunately, in Qian Jiang has not yet been found and put a stop to it, take the greengrocer's boss to take drastic action. This in Jiang Qian and many netizens, go to the dogs with boiling water already is an abuse of the animal. < p > Tahota law firm potato lawyer told reporters, because the country does not introduce for small animal protection law, so the behavior of small animal cruelty, abuse, no laws and regulations of the constraints. The Sichuan Department of St. Lawyer Chen Zhongyu said, despite the absence of regulations on anti cruelty to animals, but as the dog's owner can to the crime of infringing on private property to take the greengrocer's boss filed a civil lawsuit.

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