Michelan Aquarius horoscope for October 2017

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Aquarius is

in twelve ranked eleventh in the constellation constellation, the biggest feature of Aquarius is innovative, they do things in time will have extremely strong imagination ability and innovation ability, Aquarius is often a constellation in the twelve sign of individualism, they have a personal independence of conduct personality. Do you know this character in the michelland Aquarius horoscope for October 2017 is what?


1.; "a michelland October 2017 fortune

October 2017 Aquarius feelings in love some more trouble: love planet Venus and Mars in a small if not too friendly, and squaring your ruler saturn. The sun in your mate's palace is also in a weak position and can not be remedied. Aquarius, the planet of passion and lust, is not very strong in the first half of mercury, so it's no use, things are slow, and there's potential trouble in love. But after October 17th you're in a new phase, mercury changes its sign and gradually aligns with Jupiter, the big star, and the sun enters this position in October 23rd, so the second half can bring something good.


michelland October 2017 Aquarius career or financial problems in the first half of October, Venus and Mars in Aquarius eighth house, Venus in October 14th, Mars will stay until October 22nd. WaiCai, through cooperation, partner, gift, inheritance, financial institutions or insurance money is still difficult to get. There is a lot of energy directed at learning, travel, culture or spirituality. But in October 2017 for your career life for the big event, October 10th Jupiter enters Aquarius career for one year for a month, Jupiter gives you support, the new road to bring accident, ignite your dreams and aspirations, to help you achieve the goals set. (fortune www.tiejiong.com)

3. michelland October 2017 Aquarius health fortune

October is not what appear to be fit, but you will have a certain impact, may pressure becomes higher, more irritable. Above all, Mars is in opposition to your ruler Saturn, who is in danger of personal injury or emergency, most likely due to your own reckless attitude or carelessness.

summary: Aquarius is not so good in michelland October 2017 career this month, Aquarius will exist inside the financial aspects of the problem, will be on the job or money there are more difficult. In terms of health, luck is good, Aquarius people on the body is no problem, but the fighting is full of shock.

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