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" the male does not need too happy, girl not too sad, if a bully weizifu. " this is a popular ballad during the reign of Emperor Wu of Han dynasty. Chinese has always been sexist, patriarchal, gave birth to a son laughing, a daughter became bitter face, however, weizifu story is told the people, gave birth to her daughter without " heart very sad ".

Han love born weizifu alme. Weizifu is a singing slave of the emperor's sister princess Pingyang. The princess of Pingyang love song and dance, house keeper a dozen good-looking girl, weizifu is one of them. Jianyuan two years (139 years ago) in March has been on, to pay homage to the emperor at the spirits, back to the palace passed by the princess of Pingyang, Princess of Pingyang large banquet, dance for the emperor to entertain his younger brother, a row of genv to play, weizifu Guangyan away potential to illuminate the emperor's eyes, weizifu also to sing and dance back to the emperor to ogle, Princess of Pingyang see, let alone to weizifu Han Dynasty dance, because the emperor's favorite people, especially for them at the time of the song: "record" for mining Tang Yi sang? In the fields of Mei. The cloud who thought beauty be Meng Jiang?.


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dance after Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty in the name of the locker, graced weizifu, then Princess of Pingyang to weizifu to Han wudi. The emperor took weizifu palace as Pingyang Princess told weizifu said, this will go by the emperor's favor, you have to take care of the body, will honor, don't forget our. However, sometime after the end of the first weizifu met queen Chen Ajiao blow, weizifu neglected to be the favorite of Emperor Wu temple. When the queen mother weizifu

. A year later, because of too many maids, about more than 10000 people, the emperor decided to put back a number of ladies to folk, weizifu request out of the palace, a palace maid, one by one with the Emperor Wu of Han, Wei son saw the emperor, the emperor remembered last year's affectionate scene, a person is feeling, can not help but burst into tears the emperor, caused by doubts and memories, immediately left weizifu, the emperor is also loving, have added to weizifu pet. Weizifu soon to have a child, when the emperor had no children, to weizifu spoiled rilong, Yuanshuo first year (128 years ago) weizifu gave birth to a boy named Liu, is the emperor's eldest son.

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