Why is Ci Xi still alive in the force put on the shroud?

Guangxu still alive why was Ci Xi forcing wear on the shroud 1898 after Guangxu with Ci Xi

hulianwang· 2017-10-10 12:01:34


1898, Guangxu with Ci Xi falling out, between two people out of style into a vicious child mother loving mother and dutiful son and righteousness. But the power is actually in control in the hands of Ci Xi, Guangxu was just a basket case, so Ci Xi tried the whole Guangxu, he was in charge of the suffering oppression ying'tai. But

Guangxu also has his advantages, that is young, as long as smoothly until the death of Ci Xi, that he is the true Lord of the world, no one can suppress him, bullied him.


network with the advantage Ci Xi know, so from various aspects to destroy the Emperor Guangxu, first put him imprisoned on ying'tai, so he can not move freely. Then, is ordered to eunuchs, Guangxu per meal meals style unchanged, but the ingredients are replaced by metamorphism, such as Steamed Rice is sour, fish is bad. Guangxu because eating, and soon very thin adult. Because

is too thin, there were two shoulders in a prominent ridge, was a eunuch joke, said this is the emperor Fu Xiang, said "your shoulders, the sun and the moon" Guangxu in this regard, only a helpless smile.

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